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N. C.. Daily Incident Log – 1/13/21

Quick-moving fire destroys old hosiery plant in Hickory 

Fire officials in Hickory are investigating a quick-moving fire that destroyed an old hosiery plant. More than a dozen firefighters were called to Highland Avenue in northeast Hickory shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday. When they arrived, flames were burning through the roof of the old plant. Firefighters said a homeless woman was staying in the building at the time of the blaze. The cause of the fire has not been determined but no injuries were reported.  


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S. C. Daily Incident Log – 1/13/21

Small plane crashes into home in Columbia 

A small plane has crashed into a home in Columbia's Rosewood neighborhood. Columbia police confirm the aircraft went down Wednesday morning into a home in an area off Kennedy Street and Prentice Avenue. That's less than a mile from the nearby Hamilton-Owens Airport. Columbia Fire and rescue teams are on the scene. Firefighters arrived to find one home on fire and they say the fire is now under control. There is no word yet on any injuries but News19 has seen a car from the coroner's office at the scene. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been notified we are told, and will be sending an investigative team. The 2900 block of Kennedy and South Maple Streets are closed as the plane crash investigation continues.  


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The Role of EMS During the Pandemic

The last six months have not been easy. I am continually amazed by the exceptional job being done by EMS. Without the wonderful work carried out by prehospital providers the pandemic would be much worse. There are a few areas I want to touch on with this column. The first topic is the importance of wearing masks, second is the importance of serving as a force multiplier for Public Health with the COVID-19 response, third is the use of ketamine by EMS.

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Resilience — An Essential Part of the Public Safety Professional

Each day that we put on our uniform and report for duty, we know that we are likely to face challenges and adversity. While this fact is what drew us to our chosen profession, we must remain personally and situationally aware of the effects on our minds and bodies. We must utilize resilience for us to “bounce back” from difficult situations.

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CAAS and CAMTS Accreditation: How USP Good Distribution Practices Come Into Play

The business of emergency medical services is all about saving lives. That includes having the best-trained staff and most current technology and equipment to ensure both the fastest response times and the best patient outcomes. 

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GROOM Generations in the Workforce

In previous articles we have identified the different generations that are either entering or are currently in the workforce of their chosen field. In the fire service, we are going to look at the newest generation and how do we overcome the challenges that are rumored about the group within the ages of 16 and 21 years of age. This group is identified as Generation Z and it covers years 1997 to 2012.

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The POWER of Reading the Instructions

It may come as a surprise but the majority of firefighters have not read a very important document in regard to their personal safety.


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The Incident Commander: A Prestigious, but Potentially Painful Proposition

We’ve spent the last year examining the Incident Management Organizational Structure. This structure includes the Command Staff (Safety Officer, Liaison Officer, and Public Information Officer) who keep the Incident Commander (IC) smart. We also examined the Incident Management General Staff (Operations Chief, Planning Chief, Logistics Chief, and Finance/Administration Chief) who keep the IC sane.

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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks:

A column devoted to answering your questions on consumer, mortgage, small business and non-profit investments and lending programs to help you navigate the new financial landscape.  Send your questions to [email protected].

Since mid-March most of us have been in some state of lock-down as our country and our communities try to find a way to wrangle this deadly virus to the ground. This has caused many of us to work from home, or to work from company offices, now allowing only a few essential workers to come to work to keep infection transmissions to a minimum. Forced to adapt to a new digital world has been a challenge as we have had to learn conferencing technology such as Zoom, WebEx, Teams and other platforms to communicate and collaborate with fellow workers. 

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Don’t Order the T-Shirts Chief... and Other Time Management Ideas

The fire department leaders I work with fight many battles on and off the fire ground. One that comes up most often is the battle with the clock. I frequently hear comments like, “I am always up until midnight getting my reports done,” or “I can’t get away from my computer long enough to visit my stations.”

Most of us like to be busy. It keeps us engaged, moving and our skills sharp.

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Ziamatic: Hands-On: SURE-GRIP Tool Mounts


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