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Sept 9th 2019 North Carolina and South Carolina Fire Incidents

Fire department in Wilson adds special operations team Seven out of 101 Wilson Fire/Rescue Services personnel recently were selected for the new special operations team that will tak... Read More...

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It's Time to Start Thinking About a Drone Program

By now, the news is out: drones are here to stay for public safety agencies, but despite all the talk about these flying sensors in the fire/rescue community, there is still a lack of good informatio... Read More...

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Empowerment as a Leadership Tool

Organizations very often fail due to poor leadership or the inability to lead. Poor leadership can range from toxic bosses, micro managers, fear and retribution, leaders with inadequate skills and ne... Read More...

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How Many More Will Die Before We Learn Best Practices?

There has been a lot of discussion recently — as well there should be — regarding the number of responders being struck at roadway incidents. There are also many people offering their opinion as to t... Read More...

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Renewable Diesel a Game Changer for Emergency Vehicles

One of the major items for making air cleaner is the reduction of particulate matter and (Nitrous Oxide (NOx).  Most particulate matter comes from compression ignition (diesel) engines — what we run ... Read More...

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Don’t Take Command, Let It Be Transferred to You

“Engine 7 to Communications.”  “Go ahead 7.” “I’m on scene with a 40-foot by 50-foot residential structure.  I’ve got smoke and fire showing from the second floor. Engine 7 Officer w... Read More...

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Active Shooter/Hostile Event The Importance of Inter-Agency Operations

I want to open this article with saying that this is not going to be your traditional command and control article. I’m not coming from the fire or EMS side of the house talking about the importance o... Read More...

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Hazmat PPE Sometimes the Only Thing Between You and Disaster

In the occupational safety arena, a commonly accepted “hierarchy of controls” exists that delineates the type of controls and the specific order in which they are employed to protect workers from haz... Read More...

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Hazardous Materials Certifications What’s In Your Wallet?

Very few of you reading this article joined the fire department to respond to hazardous materials incidents. Most members of Hazardous Materials Teams, this author included, didn’t join the fire depa... Read More...

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Landing Zone Considerations For Helicopter Operations

It has been a while since I reviewed proper considerations for selecting and setting up helicopter landing areas, otherwise known as landing zones (LZs), for helicopters serving your service areas.  ... Read More...

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Public Safety Dive Medics Are You Taking Care of Your Divers?

Every year a public safety diver dies in the United States. In most cases proper EMS care was not present at the time of the emergency. Public safety diving is the only duty that the training environ... Read More...

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