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Daily Incident Log: Wednesday, May 20, 2020

State Fire Marshal Mike Causey partners with Blue Cross to help rural fire departments 

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Mike Causey is proud to announce that Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina has donated $500,000 to assist rural volunteer fire departments as part of their Rural NC Initiative for 2020. This grant money was deposited in the nonprofit North Carolina Firefighters Fund. The N.C. Department of Insurance's Office of State Fire Marshal, in cooperation with the N.C. State Firefighters Association and N.C. Firefighters Fund, will distribute this grant money to 94 departments in 36 rural counties. Grant awards were made to volunteer fire departments that received less than $50,000 from municipal and county governments. Each $5,000 grant is to be used for safety equipment purchases to help departments protect their firefighters and operate more safely during this coronavirus pandemic.  




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Daily Incident Log – May 4th 2020

Asheville Fire Fighters Association pushing for a higher minimum wage 

Fire fighters in Asheville are rallying for higher wages. The Asheville Fire Fighters Association says the city has raised minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour for all 13 hundred city employees, except for 77 fire fighters. Scott Mullins, engine company captain for the Asheville Fire Department and president of the association, says new hires at the station make just under 12 dollars an hour. He's now asking the city and mayor to start paying 15 dollars for all workers, including fire fighters. "Just what we do every day, it's a dangerous job and for the city to not show value in our fire fighters is just insulting and extremely disappointing," Mullins said. He says fire fighters work 56 hours a week and believes that is why the city has not raised their minimum wage.  


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Raizer Chair by Easy Lifts

Current Issue Articles

Taking Advantage of Good Prices in a Bad Economy

As I write this article, the world is deep into the COVID19, Corona Virus event. The loss of life and health has been tragic. 

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Is College for You?

Do you think you are smart, but far from being a genius? Do you struggle with mathematics and/or English? Are you uncomfortable with the thought of reading a book because it’s been a while since you were in school? 

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Wadesboro Fire Department


Wadesboro Fire Department

Department Name: Wadesboro Fire Department 

County: Anson

Type Department: Combination

ISO: 5/9s

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Easley Fire Department


Easley Fire Department

Department Name: Easley Fire Department  

County: Pickens

Type Department: Fire

Structure: Combination Career/Volunteer

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North Carolina Firefighter Cancer Alliance

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