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Daily Incident Logs

Daily Incident Log - 8/12/2020

Man dies after pulled from burning house in north Charlotte, family says 

Fire crews are investigating an early morning fire that left a man dead Wednesday in north Charlotte. The flames broke out around 3:15 a.m. on Edison Street, near North Graham Street and Woodward Avenue. When firefighters got to the scene, they said flames could be seen coming from the house. Crews learned that a man was inside the home and firefighters were able to pull him out. The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, firefighters said. A few hours later, family members told Channel 9 reporter Anthony Kustura that the man had died. Officials have not released his name. The Charlotte Fire Department said 23 firefighters were able to control the blaze in about 20 minutes. The fire triggered a large response from several local agencies, including CMPD and MEDIC.  


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Daily Incident Log – 06/18/2020

Elizabethtown Fire Department chosen for recruitment, retention initative 

If you come down to the fire station, either the old one or the new one, you might see new faces, and Fire Chief Nick West is hoping an incoming program will bring on even more. Right now the department is a mixture of full-time, part-time and volunteers. "Whenever someone is on vacation part-time staff can fill that, and we have a minimum staffing level that we try to achieve," said West. West is hoping that utilizing a grant will bring in more help and boost the department. "The North Carolina Fire Chiefs Association is working with the International Association for Fire Chiefs, and they wrote a SAFER grant," he said. This recruitment and retention campaign is part of the Volunteer Workforce Solutions program designed to achieve a viable and sustainable volunteer firefighter workforce.  


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Challenging Times

As EMS providers we live in interesting times. I wanted to take a moment to review some of the most recent changes to the EMS landscape in North Carolina. There are three significant events taking place as I write this column. There is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. There has also been increased scrutiny of how law enforcement interacts with members of the community. EMS needs to recognize that it has the skill set to assist law enforcement with the de-escalation of potentially violent interactions. Lastly, the North Carolina Medical Board has approved the use of ketamine in North Carolina by paramedics. 

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The Evolution of EMS and the SCEMS Association

Hello, my fellow Carolina Fire-Rescue-EMS Journal readers and followers. Without a doubt, the SCEMSA would not be where we are without the pathway previous leadership has laid down. Most recently, Henry Lewis made vital connections with built bridges connecting other public safety entities and key players within the legislation to promote EMS statewide and beyond. For that, we are certainly grateful.

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Successful Leadership

Leadership can be a challenge in any industry, but it can be especially so in the emergency services world. Stress levels run high, budget challenges abound, and employee morale can dip in a sometimes thankless job. With a variety of potential pitfalls, how can a leader in the first responder community be a success? Here a few tips that can help you not just be a boss, but a true leader of your people.

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The Budgeting Process for Fire Station Construction

Have you ever wondered how a construction company takes a fire department’s ideas and creates a budget for the construction of a new facility? Reliable budgets draw on proven industry standards, a well-honed process, and experience to arrive at a fair and dependable project budget.

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