Daily Incident Log: January 15th 2019 North Carolina and South Carolina Fire Incidents

Raleigh family of 6 without home after fire A family of six is homeless after a fire destroyed their home in Raleigh. Firefighters are working to determine what sparked the blaze aro... Read More...

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Anchor Richey New Delivery Profile: Stack Road Volunteer Fire-Rescue

Stack Road Volunteer Fire-Rescue New Delivery (Corrected From the Fall 2018 New Deliveries, in the Print Version) 2018 Anchor-Richey EVS 2000 Gallon Tanker w/ Mack chassis, 350 HP Cummin... Read More...

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Recovery in the Wake of Hurricane Florence Stress Management for First Responders

September saw Hurricane Florence test the banks of the eastern shore, but she also served as a powerful demonstration of our first responders’ dedication and resiliency.  Read More...

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EMS Trends, and of course Hurricanes

Welcome back again to the South Carolina Bureau of EMS contribution area of this edition of Carolina Fire Rescue EMS. This is the official “EMS Edition” and we are so fortunate to be able to continue... Read More...


Tragedy Hits Carolinas

Hurricane Florence destroyed many homes, lives and property. Although it has been weeks many first responders are still involved in the clean-up. This picture hit me hard. We hear about tragedy and h... Read More...

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Be Prepared: Forge Relationships Now

Both North and South Carolina have just gone through an unprecedented weather event that rivals both Floyd and Matthew. Both states responded well and witnessed many acts of heroism and dedication fr... Read More...


Why Data Interoperability is Critical to EMS’s Role in Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Soon after my company began working with the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department in 2016, I conducted with them something that former Assistant Chief Norman Seals said he had never experienced before: what... Read More...

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ESS and Solar Emergency Response

Does your department have a handle on ESS and solar emergency response procedures, pre-planning, safety gaps, ventilation and more? Nine-fold. That’s how great the increase was in residential ba... Read More...

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Funding the Federal Government is Never an Easy Task

Each year, Congress must approve funding measures so that the federal agencies can perform their functions. The process, established by our forefathers many years ago, authorizes both the House and S... Read More...


Time to Pass the Torch

When you read this, North Carolina will be trying to begin its recovery from Hurricane Florence. This storm caused horrendous flooding in the eastern part of the state. I would like to give kudos to ... Read More...


Using UAVs And Helicopter Together

I have written past CFREJ articles about the respective roles and uses of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV drones) and helicopters in search and rescue. Both are extremely useful tools in the search and... Read More...

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