Daily Incident Log – 10/19/2017 North Carolina and South Carolina Fire Incidents

State Highway Patrol reconstructs accident that killed Burke Co. firefighter   Family members, friends and an entire community are grieving after a Triple Community Fire Depart... Read More...

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From the Editor

This issue marks our 32nd year as the Carolinas’ first responder trade journal. Four issues a year since 1985. R.B. Knight, our publisher, has always had passion for the fire and law enforcement... Read More...

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9/11 Established Officially as “First Responder Day” in North Carolina.

RALEIGH – During the 2017 Legislative Session, the North Carolina General Assembly officially established September 11th as an annual legal holiday, recognized as “First Responder Day”. It was includ... Read More...

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The Active Shooter Threat: Fire and EMS Response Considerations Scene Safety: Fire and EMS at Active Shooter Events

As discussed in the first edition of this series, fire departments and EMS agencies have had to reassess their role in active shooter response after a series of deadly mass shooting events. For so lo... Read More...


What’s In Your Kit?

Do you carry a trauma kit? Is there one on your truck? Do you know what is in it? These are fairly simple questions, but contain a deeper context. Given the environment we work in today; it is safe t... Read More...


Fire Physics: The New Offensive Fire Attack?

By now, you may have heard, there is a paradigm shift underway within the U.S. fire service — an old fire tactic from yesteryear that was resurrected in 2011 and is still being argued today. I am spe... Read More...

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The New ‘Elephant’ in the Room: Carfentanil

Recently there has been several incidents where police officers and responders have been exposed to Carfentanil and the results have been catastrophic. For those that are not familiar, Carfentanil is... Read More...

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SELLING Your Hazardous Materials Response Program

Severe hazardous materials emergencies — train derailments, highway accidents, significant leaks at fixed facilities, etc. — are relatively few and far between for most jurisdictions. They can be cat... Read More...

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Hazmat Pre-Incident Planning and Management: Prior To, During and After the Incident

Traditionally, experience has taught hazmat responders that time spent conducting pre-incident planning activities in regard to possible hazardous materials incidents pays off huge dividends when the... Read More...


ASK ERNIE - "The Maintenance Apparatus Expert"

— Ernie questions answered by Anthony D. (Tony) Bulygo. What exactly does rollover protection on my apparatus entail? Rollover protection integrates the Stability Control system with that... Read More...

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Two Dates and a Dash in the Middle What Are You Going to Do With the ‘Dash?’

Two dates and a dash in the middle equates to your day of birth, your life and your day of death. The middle component is symbolized by a dash (-). So what does that dash mean?  Well let’s be honest,... Read More...

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Issue 32.1 | Summer 2017

Keeping First Responders Safe
Ideas to improve safety on the job, leadership, serving our community and keeping the desire to serve others...

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