Westview Fairforest Fire Department

Department Name: Westview-Fairforest Fire Department

County: Spartanburg

Type Department: Combination

Structure: Special Purpose Tax District

ISO: Class 3

Number of Stations: 3


Number of Apparatus: Pumpers: 4 Aerials: 2 Specialty: 1 Utility Truck, 1 brush Truck, 2 Administrative Vehicles and a Technical Rescue Trailer

Do you provide EMS? Yes

What type: BLS ALS FR (ALS First Response)

Specialty Operations: Extrication/Confined Space/Rope Rescue/Trench Rescue/Shore Based Water Rescue

Annual Budget: $2 Million

Area Covered Square miles: 19.4

Population: 25,000 night time and over double that during the day

Total Runs: Fire: 1196 EMS: 1325

Chief: Scott Garrett

Chief Officers: Assistant Chief Tracy Williams

Other Officers: 3 Captains and 3 Lieutenants

Number of Members: Paid: 23 Volunteer: 5

Address: 311 N. Blackstock Rd Spartanburg, SC 29301

Website: www.wffd.org

Phone: 864-595-4316

Community Outreach: We provide public education for all ages, an active Smoke Alarm Program, CPR and First aid training to the community and businesses in the district. We also offer fire extinguisher training, certified child safety seat installation site and host birthday parties on request.

Concerns in your community: One major concern in our community is the amount of traffic at peak times and during the Christmas holiday season, which hinders response times. Another major concern after a smoke alarm blitz with the ARC, was the number of smoke alarms that were missing, non-functioning and over 10 years old.

What upgrades will you make in your department this year? We will be hiring six new firefighter positions at the end of 2017 to staff one of the two unmanned stations as well as to staff an aerial device full time.

What special hazards or unique businesses in your community? We have an abundance of critical local and state infrastructure which includes five miles of four lane State Highway 29 that accommodates 34,700 travelers daily, 5.5 miles of Interstate 26 with 58,500 travelers daily, 6.5 miles of Interstate 85 with 35,500 travelers per day, several large industrial businesses, two large international distribution complexes with one having two warehouses that are over a million square feet each and two others having one warehouse that is over a million square feet and a new rubber tire manufacturing facility.

Accomplishments: Westview-Fairforest entered into an automatic aid agreement three years ago with six fire departments that border the district. We created a SOG from the Charleston model that included the response to residential and business fires. Residential fires get four engines, one aerial device and two chief officers while a business fire gets five engines, two aerial devises and three chief officers. The SOG was adopted by each department for consistency and efficiency. The advantage of this was everyone was utilizing a common SOG which laid out assignments; each apparatus knew their assignment on arrival.

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