Weaverville Fire Department

Department Name: Weaverville Fire Department

County: Buncombe

Type Department: Career

Structure: Municipal Department covering town limits and a county contract area around the town

ISO: 4/5

Number of Stations: 1


Chief Ted Williams

Number of Apparatus: Pumpers: 2 Aerials: 1 Specialty: 5

Do you provide EMS? Yes

What type: BLS ALS FR

Specialty Operations: (list all) Swift Water Rescue, Trench, Structural Collapse, Wildland Firefighting

Annual Budget: $2,507,000

Area Covered Square miles: Approx. 25

Population: Approx 23,000

Total Runs: 1893 Fire: 1009 EMS: 884

Chief: (Name) Ted Williams

Chief Officers: Deputy Chief Jayson Harwood, Battalion Chief David Privette, Battalion Chief Michael Hunter, Battalion Chief Ray Blackwell and Fire Marshal Kile Davis

Other Officers: (list number of Captains, Lieutenants, etc.) 3 captains, 3 Lieutenants

Number of Members: 34 Paid: 34 Volunteer: 0

Address: 3 Monticello Road Weaverville, NC 28787

Website: www,weavervillenc.org/departments/fire-department/

Phone: 828-645-3500

Community Outreach:

Our community outreach starts with each response as our companies are the primary outreach ambassadors for our department. They engage and assist each citizen they contact as well as our businesses and leaders while performing pre-fire plans and assisting with community events.

Our Fire Marshal office manages fire prevention activities within our schools as well as at senior events that typically arise from our faith-based organizations. We are a permanent checking station for child passenger safety through WNC Safe Kids and work to ensure our younger citizenry are safe with family members who are well versed in installing their child safety seats safely and correctly.

Our department assists with the local “Cops for Kids” toy drive that is held annually and sees hundreds of children get a wonderful Christmas that otherwise would have been very limited at best.

We participate with our businesses to assist in safety days and have assisted in the state smoke alarm canvassing event for several years.

Top Two concerns in your community:

  1. Concerns within our community are the corona virus and the challenges and stresses that it has brought with regards to how we respond and how we work diligently to protect our elderly and most vulnerable citizens while also adapting to a very new way of doing things within the community.
  2. Ability to keep up with an ever-growing demand for service in a town that is seeing significant growth. Our town leadership has done a great job at keeping us within that demand window but there is always a concern the growth may out pace resources.

What are you doing for fundraising?

We are supported by town and county tax dollars and do not fundraise for operational expense. We do participate in the annual “Cops for Kids” toy drive and we also partner with other town departments to support the “Pink Patch Project” to raise awareness and funds for women’s cancer patients.

What upgrades will you make in your department this year?

With the current downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic we do not have any significant upgrades planned for this budget year. Our only major replacement will be a complete set of e-draulics rescue tools to replace an unserviceable set currently in use.

What special hazards or unique businesses in your community?

We have several manufacturing plants that have been repurposed into smaller leased spaces within the larger building. These have created a number of challenges with regards to ensuring the fire code is met and maintained throughout the process of new tenants arriving and customizing their spaces.

As we are located within the mountains of western North Carolina there are multiple urban interface areas that must be continually evaluated and pre planned to affect the protection of our citizens and keep our firefighters safe at the same time.


We are very proud that through aggressive fire prevention activities (inspections and education) and with the help of our automatic aid departments we continue to have a very small fire loss percentage compared to the protected values within our communities. We have a staff that is committed to continual training and being the best they can be for our community.

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