Wadesboro Fire Department


Wadesboro Fire Department

Department Name: Wadesboro Fire Department

County: Anson

Type Department: Combination

ISO: 5/9s


Chief Scott Martin

Number of Stations: 1

Number of Apparatus:

(9) Pumpers: 3 Aerials:1 Specialty: 5

Do you provide EMS? No

What type: BLS   ALS   FR

Specialty Operations: Heavy Rescue, High Angle Rescue

Annual Budget: $558,000

Area Covered Square miles: 85

Population: 10,600

Total Runs: 396

Chief: Scott Martin

Chief Officers: Assistant Chief, Tim Kelly and Assistant Chief, Bruce Goodwin

Other Officers: 1 Captain, David Williamson, 2 Lieutenants Chris Eddins, Gene Thompson

Number of Members: 37

Paid: 2 Volunteer: 35

Address: 205 E Morgan Street

Wadesboro, NC 28170



Phone: 704-694-2167

Community Outreach: The Wadesboro Fire Department conducts Fire and Life Safety Education in our school system. We are very active with our smoke alarm program. We offer multiple training sessions with topics in fire extinguisher training. Remembering When is a program for our seniors and participate in multiple other community education events throughout the year.

Top Two concerns in your community:The recruitment and retention of qualified members. The heavy amounts of traffic during peak times of the year slowing our response times.

What are you doing for fundraising?

The Wadesboro Fire Department relies heavily on grants for operational funding, we have currently applied for another FEMA grant, and also apply for several state grant throughout the year. We also have a community raffle once a year.

What upgrades will you make in your department this year? This year we are adding a new apparatus to the fleet. Where are replacing our 1987 Telesquirt which is 50’ with a 2019 105’ Smeal Ladder funded by FEMA.

What special hazards or unique businesses in your community? 

  • 6 Educational Facilities
  • 3 Assisted Living Facilities
  • 4 major Highways
  • 15 Miles of Rail line
  • 1 Hospital
  • 79 Megawatts of solar farms
  • Multiple large retail stores
  • Airport with 20,000 gallons of aviation fuels
  • Bulk petroleum distribution center with 300,000 gallons of LP, 60,000 gallons of Diesel Fuel, 15,000 gallons of Gas, 15,000 gallons of Kerosene, 5,000 gallons of bulk oil
  • 3 major manufacturing centers totaling over 4 million square foot
  • 2 wood manufacturers
  • 1 Acids bulk tank holding facility

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