Technology is nothing…

Technology. Some futurists say that the next human evolution will be humans and technology merging together. When you think about it maybe we are already headed in that direction. How lost are you if your cell phone is not within reach or your forgot to put on your Fitbit?

What Steve Jobs says is very fitting for the fire service today. It’s not the technology, it is the people. In this issue Bill Suthard talks about a “Christmas Miracle.” It all started with a weed and a traffice cone.


Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give themm tools, they “do wonderful things with them.”  — Steve Jobs

Many of you may know the story. Through social media it went national and $21,000 was raised for Hope Match and through t-shirts sales, donations and corporate matching. It was the “good and smart people” at this Huntersville Fire Department and the local residents that managed the event and distributed all the funding to those in need in time for the holidays.

Suthard makes the point that many departments stay away from social media due to the negative connotations of ruining careers and reputations. He agrees that it can have a negative impact on your reputation and your brand “IF it is not managed properly.” Some believe NO social media is the best bet. Read his story and see how managed properly, social media can bring your community together and brand your department in a very positive way.

Also in this issue, Glenn Clapp reminds us in his article that as hazmat technicians we should never toss the basics aside and should always maintain comptency in those areas that could easily be forgotten. Mark Schnitt gives us a thorough lesson on foam. If your department is not using the “white stuff” this may spark an interest.

As always, we’ve provided many training articles on many subjects that we hope will help you as a firefighter and your department. We appreciate our writers that provide this valuable information and the advertisers that provide the products to help you.

Always Keep Learning.

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