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This section of the Carolina Fire Journal Magazine website collects articles from the Daily Dispatch, North Carolina and South Carolina Dispatch section. The Daily Dispatch is a FREE scan friendly electronic newsletter distributed each weekday. The newsletter features current national and state news and fire service announcements in a format that was designed to meet the needs and interests of the busy fire chief and motivated chief officer. Entry level fire personnel may also benefit by staying connected with fire safety information and other trends in the fire service.

Issue 33.3 | Winter 2018

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A Hidden Danger in Turbojet Nozzles

I recently uncovered what I see to be a danger fo... More >>

The First Standard to Address Active Shooter Events NFPA 3000 Emphasizes Integrated Planning, Response and Recovery

It happened again. Another senseless mass killing... More >>

National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Weekend

The fall season can be an absolute whirlwind for ... More >>

LOCKDOWN: This is Not A Drill

Almost daily news headlines appear with threats o... More >>

The Cancer Blueprint for Change

We have all seen the images of the salty firefigh... More >>

Establishing Water Supply in Remote Locations

A few years ago, my volunteer fire department was... More >>

Pros and Cons in Administering KETAMINE

Ketamine is an important drug that EMS providers ... More >>

How Is Your Training?

When you read this, we will be enjoying all that... More >>

How to Make the Right Decision When Making Your Gas Monitoring Purchase

Do you know the total cost of your gas monitoring... More >>

Reputation Management

In the past I have written about reputation manag... More >>

Recovery in the Wake of Hurricane Florence Stress Management for First Responders

September saw Hurricane Florence test the banks o... More >>

The Fire Service and the Big ‘C’

Here is this quarter’s pop quiz. Aside from heart... More >>

Congress Takes Action to Address Cancer in the Fire Service

In my presentations, I often take humorous jabs a... More >>

Faith, Hope, Love

While on vacation with my family the week of July... More >>

Building Relationships Public Sector/Private Sector Partnerships

Quite often we — the collective “we” meaning publ... More >>

Fitness as It Relates to Firefighter Injuries

Take a minute to review the two abstracts below. ... More >>

FBHA: Takin’ It to the Streets

Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (FBHA) has... More >>

Calculating Available Water Supply From a Dry Hydrant

Over many years I have been asked to calculate av... More >>

ESS and Solar Emergency Response

Does your department have a handle on ESS and sol... More >>

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