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This section of the Carolina Fire Journal Magazine website collects articles from the Daily Dispatch, North Carolina and South Carolina Dispatch section. The Daily Dispatch is a FREE scan friendly electronic newsletter distributed each weekday. The newsletter features current national and state news and fire service announcements in a format that was designed to meet the needs and interests of the busy fire chief and motivated chief officer. Entry level fire personnel may also benefit by staying connected with fire safety information and other trends in the fire service.

Issue 34.1 | Summer 2019

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Public Information Officer on an Incident Management Team

As written previously, I have served on quite a f... More >>

National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Weekend

The fall season can be an absolute whirlwind for ... More >>

Ketamine Pilot Project

 Recently the North Carolina Medical Board approv... More >>

Dealing with Gases

The Department of Transportation’s Hazard Class T... More >>

After Startling Jump in 2017 Struck-by Deaths, Reflecting May Not be Enough

It should have been a banner year for firefighter... More >>

Revisiting Radiologicals: The Basics of Radioactive Hazardous Materials

Many Hazmat Technicians and Specialists make the ... More >>

Commitment: It’s not just a word

Welcome back again to the South Carolina Bureau o... More >>

The Importance of Interoperability

Interoperability is a characteristic of a product... More >>

Cutting Made Easy

In just about every extrication there are steps w... More >>

It's Time to Start Thinking About a Drone Program

By now, the news is out: drones are here to stay ... More >>

Trust: We Must Maintain It!

How many times have you witnessed this yourself? ... More >>

Strength - Endurance - Nutrition

These are three terms that are not exclusive to e... More >>

Time Keeps on Ticking The Difference a Minute Can Make

Time — this value is most important in life. Ever... More >>

Rules for Life

In October of each year, the National Fallen Fire... More >>

A Divided Congress: It’s Something that a United Fire Service Can Certainly Overcome

As many political prognosticators predicted, elec... More >>

That rare find ...THE VOLUNTEER

All-volunteer Rescue Squads, at least in North Ca... More >>

Fire and Emergency Management

Many years ago, those in public service questione... More >>

Active Shooter/Hostile Event The Importance of Inter-Agency Operations

I want to open this article with saying that this... More >>

Are You Considering Starting a Fire-Based Transport Service? Think Again

Wow.  Summer is back in full force, especially he... More >>

How Many More Will Die Before We Learn Best Practices?

There has been a lot of discussion recently — as ... More >>

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