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This section of the Carolina Fire Journal Magazine website collects articles from the Daily Dispatch, North Carolina and South Carolina Dispatch section. The Daily Dispatch is a FREE scan friendly electronic newsletter distributed each weekday. The newsletter features current national and state news and fire service announcements in a format that was designed to meet the needs and interests of the busy fire chief and motivated chief officer. Entry level fire personnel may also benefit by staying connected with fire safety information and other trends in the fire service.


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It's Time to Start Thinking About a Drone Program

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Active Shooter/Hostile Event The Importance of Inter-Agency Operations

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Are You Considering Starting a Fire-Based Transport Service? Think Again

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How Many More Will Die Before We Learn Best Practices?

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Landing Zone Considerations For Helicopter Operations

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Empowerment as a Leadership Tool

Organizations very often fail due to poor leaders... More >>

Renewable Diesel a Game Changer for Emergency Vehicles

One of the major items for making air cleaner is ... More >>

Don’t Take Command, Let It Be Transferred to You

“Engine 7 to Communications.”  “Go ahead ... More >>

Public Safety Dive Medics Are You Taking Care of Your Divers?

Every year a public safety diver dies in the Unit... More >>

Beaches® Turks and Caicos Getaways For Every Mood

Escape to a paradise with five villages in one ... More >>

EMS Providers Become Health Navigators, Not Just Technicians News from North Carolina EMS

EMS providers are the new leaders in healthcare. ... More >>

Stop the Bleed! A Sad Yet Critical Initative

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Camden FireFest Kicks off Fire Prevention Week

Each year, the Camden FireFest brings a sense of ... More >>

President Proposes, Congress Disposes. We Hope

On paper the federal budget is a systematic proce... More >>

Skills vs. Fitness

“Another one for the toolbox!” If you have been i... More >>

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