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This section of the Carolina Fire Journal Magazine website collects articles from the Daily Dispatch, North Carolina and South Carolina Dispatch section. The Daily Dispatch is a FREE scan friendly electronic newsletter distributed each weekday. The newsletter features current national and state news and fire service announcements in a format that was designed to meet the needs and interests of the busy fire chief and motivated chief officer. Entry level fire personnel may also benefit by staying connected with fire safety information and other trends in the fire service.

Issue 32.4 | Summer 2018

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No One Wants to Play in Your Sandbox

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Beware of the Keyboard Incident Commander

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Moving Cancer Education Forward

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Waterfalls Rescue and Recoveries

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The PreHospital Trauma System From 20,000 Feet

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NIOSH Pocket Guide A Tool For Both Ops and Technican

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The Importance of Education in EMS

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‘Finding a Problem Is Like Finding a Diamond’ Improving Patient Safety and Reporting Systems

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Fire Wipes Getting Rid of the Carcinogens

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School Bus Extrication

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Calling All Citizens Mass Notification in the Fire Service

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A Hidden Danger in Turbojet Nozzles

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LOCKDOWN: This is Not A Drill

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How to Make the Right Decision When Making Your Gas Monitoring Purchase

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Learning From Wolves A Constant Visualization of Success

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The Cancer Blueprint for Change

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The First Standard to Address Active Shooter Events NFPA 3000 Emphasizes Integrated Planning, Response and Recovery

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How Is Your Training?

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