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This is the perfect time of year to go over our equipment, see what needs to be replaced, budget for new equipment, and see just what is out there. What I especially like about this time of year is I will be headed to FDIC in a couple of weeks. image

I will then get to see some of the new equipment coming out for 2016. When you read this however, I will have already been there and checked out some good stuff to bring back to you.

I do want to tell you about a new rescue stretcher that has come out by a company called DEUS. They sell a lot of industrial rope rescue equipment for tower rescue, tactical and public safety as well. I had the opportunity to travel out to their facility and play with the prototype stretcher before it went to production. I knew once it came out it would be a great piece of equipment for lowers and raises. They have now come out with their own version of a PVC roll up stretcher called the DEUS Pro-Tech Rescue Stretcher. This stretcher rolls up into a pretty small package, then unfolds to create a rigid stretcher that will accommodate the patient in either a vertical or horizontal raise or lower. It utilizes small metal strips to add rigid support to the back, that fold up in the unit. It has color coded straps for the horizontal raise and built in straps for the vertical raise. The patient straps use the “Cobra” buckles for quick connect and release.

The DEUS stretcher has a three grommet configuration for additional strap connection points that offers excellent strength and durability. The other nice thing about the stretcher when being used in the vertical mode is the foot support. Other similar stretchers only curl up around the feet and do not offer near the support or comfort. This stretcher has a metal support that allows the feet to rest against it during a vertical lower or raise. The entire stretcher rolls up and fits in a durable pack for easy carry and requires no additional rigging for lowering or raising victims. You can see more about this stretcher at

If you have any questions or comments, please shoot me an email at Until next time, train hard, be safe, and know your equipment.

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