Raleigh Fire Department

Department Name: Raleigh Fire Department

County: Wake

Type Department: Fire

Structure: Career

ISO: 1


Chief John T. McGrath

Number of Stations: 28

Number of Apparatus: 47 Pumpers: 27 Aerials: 6 Specialty: 2-Squads, 1-Heavy Rescue, 3-Tillers, 5-HazMat, 3-MiniPumpers

Do you provide EMS? Yes What type: BLS ALS FR

Specialty Operations: HazMat, USAR/Technical Rescue, First Responder

Annual Budget: Approx. $60million (FY2017)

Area Covered Square miles: 144.79 sq. miles

Population: 468,990 (2017)

Total Runs: 40,247 (2017) Fire: 15,747 EMS: 24,500

Chief: John T. McGrath

Chief Officers: Kendall T. Hocutt, Wallace K. Tessinear, James D. Poole, John P. Fanning

Other Officers: 123- Captains, 132- Lieutenants, 281- Firefighters

Number of Members: 609 Paid: 609 Volunteer: 0

Address: 310 W. Martin St. Raleigh, N.C. 27601

Website: www.raleighnc.gov/fire

Phone: 919-996-6115

Community Outreach:

  • Our Fire Prevention/ Fire Stations go to public fairs, community events, schools, and local businesses for fire education and fire programs
  • Host a Citizen Youth Fire School for the community once a year
  • Teen Explorer Program for teens that are interest in a Firefighter career
  • Working on a Mobile Sprinkler/Fire Alarm prop to better educate the community

Top Two concerns in your community:

  • Security from increasing threat of active shooter situations, violent protests, etc. that are on the rise nationally
  • Provide efficient responses in a city that is continuously under construction due to growth
  • Discarded smoking materials
  • Cooking fires are the #1 cause of fires in the City

Upgrades you will make in your department this year?

  • Added Extractors to 16 fire stations & programmed all extractors w/ 1 cycle to meet NFPA 1851
  • Installed liquid dilution control dispensers & pumps for concentrated laundry detergent that automatically dispenses the proper amount of detergent in the extractors
  • Added Washer/Dryers to 25 fire stations
  • Remodeled Station 2
  • New Station 12 opened
  • Painted 7 fire stations interior
  • Painted 1 fire station exterior
  • Replaced 3 fire stations roof
  • New Engine, Tiller & Heavy Rescue
  • Added 9 portable all-purpose ventilators (positive and negative pressure) that run on batteries or A/C on our ladders

Special hazards or unique businesses in your community.

  • Manufacturing facilities utilizing hazardous chemicals(large quantity) in their processes
  • Large medical facilities(3)
  • Rail switching yards(2)
  • Large building construction using light weight building materials
  • What special things is your department doing?
  • Consistent calendar for hiring process. Application process starts every Nov. and academy starts in April (26weeks)
  • Compatible salary with surrounding cities
  • Cancer Awareness and Safety program
  • Five year replacement plan for turn out gear
  • Ordered 185 sets of turnout gear (including hood and gloves) to give personnel two sets of gear each
  • Currently in gear wear trial with multiple agencies including Morrisville, Cary, Wake County, Fayetteville and Concord
  • Testing particular blocking hoods to reduce carcinogen exposure (Cancer)
  • Raleigh Fire Museum at the Keeter Training Center

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