NCTMA Update

The North Carolina Tactical Medical Association has had its work cut out! Over the past few months we have been continually pushing forward to make the association both beneficial and relevant to the members. 


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We are excited to announce that the NCTMA website has had a makeover, and that the membership process is now digital. Simply visit, there you can pay your dues and return your completed application. We are hoping that this change will improve the process of joining the association as well as attract members that may not have had the ability to join before. As mentioned before, our strategic plan involves continual improvement and increased utilization of the website as a “ hub” for information and knowledge sharing. Members will have access to the NCTMA forum, which will be a platform to communicate about tactical medicine in North Carolina. With that there is no geographic restrictions to the association. Members can absolutely join from South Carolina and other states within the southeast.

Looking Forward

As we look forward into the last quarter of 2017 as well as 2018 we are planning to significantly increase the activity and visibility of the association. In most discussions to date it has been agreed that there has been a steady decline in association driven activity, we are hoping to reinvigorate that, but we need your help. This organization can only be as good as the members it is comprised of. We ask that if you ever thought about joining, join! If you thought about becoming active, ask! As we grow the organization we are seeking those with all sorts of skillsets, both clinical and otherwise. If you feel your skills could be used by the organization, please email It is our vision for the association to become a centralized resource for all that is tactical medicine within North Carolina and the southeast. For those that have distance as an obstacle, the forum will be a great tool to be involved!


We can only provide direction based on what we know. If you or your team would like to see something from the association, please email us! We are also asking for a roll call of those teams that do exist in the state. If you are a member of a TEMS/Tactical Medic Team within North Carolina, please send us an email. Let us know where you are from and how many medics you have, as well as any other details you wish to include — level of care, callouts a year, organizational structure of medics, etc. This will help us to create an updated database and better target our trainings and information to something pertinent for those providing care in this great state.

Lastly, we will be announcing an NCTMA 1 day conference to occur in January 2018. Please be on the lookout for information, as well as if you have suggestions for topics to be covered.

Andrew Rowley is currently the CEO of SOARescue, and also works as a flight and tactical paramedic. He has worked as a Firefighter/EMT both paid and volunteer. Rowley’s start in tactical medicine was as an Army Medic and now instructing conventional and SOF medics. He is the primary instructor for a critical care paramedic program as well as multiple tactical medicine courses and the Tactical Medical Practitioner Program. Rowley is the president of the North Carolina Tactical Medical Association and the Chair of the Non-Pneumatic Limb Tourniquet Standard working group the Interagency Board and the National Institute of Science and Technology. Contact him at

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