National Tactical Medicine Competition to Challenge Providers from Around the Country

SOARescue, in partnership with multiple organizations, officially announced the National Tactical Medicine Competition (NTMC) to be held on Sunday, May 21st in Charlotte, North Carolina at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fire and Police Training Academy at 1770 Shopton Road. Registration for competitors and vendors alike opened Dec. 1, 2016. image

The National Tactical Medicine Competition is an event created to allow tactical medical providers from around the country the opportunity to collaborate and compete in a community of peers. Civilian Tactical Medicine is a relatively new discipline within the world of pre-hospital medicine. Together with The Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, we are creating opportunities to increase awareness, collaboration and training. This competition is a great opportunity to bring like-minded individuals together and support a cause greater than self.

The National Tactical Medicine Competition is based on the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care guidelines and all simulated patient care will be in line with the currently approved guidelines. The Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care ( endorses the NTMC.

Proceeds from the competition will benefit the equipping and training of first responders, with the skills and equipment needed to save lives.

Teams of two competitors will negotiate through a series of events to challenge both clinical and physical abilities. While the “lanes,” as they are called, will be agnostic to provider level, they will require competency and skill to negotiate successfully. Competitors will proceed through the phases of care. Beginning at direct threat care, minimal treatment is performed but physical ability will be required to move the patient. Teams will transition to indirect threat care where they will be expected to further treat the patient and prepare for evacuation. Following, teams will evacuate the patient to a given location and continue to provide care during evacuation. Teams will then have to continue through specialized skill sets found only in tactical medicine.

The mission of the competition is simple, To Preserve Life. Through friendly competition among peers in a community of professionals, competitors and observers alike will all be able to take something away from this unique event.

The Competition will consist of 15 two man teams and will be held over eight hours. Banquet to follow.

Event Details:

2 competitors per team, 15 Teams


Sponsorship Contact:

Competition Team $150 Entry fee

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