Macedonia Rural Fire District

Department Name: Macedonia Rural Fire District

County: Berkeley County

Type Department: Volunteer

ISO: 6

Number of Stations: 3 stations


Number of Apparatus: 9

Pumpers: 4  Aerials: 0  Specialty: 5

Do you provide EMS?  BLS
What type:  BLS   ALS   FR

Specialty Operations: High/Low angle, water rescue, under water recovery, dive team

Annual Budget: $110,000.00

Area Covered Square miles: 70

Population: 30,0000

Total Runs: 402 Fire:  51  EMS:  351

Chief: Chief Wayne Wells

Chief Officers: Assistant Chief Brandon Munn, Battalion Chief Jerry Hush

Other Officers: Captain Josh Craven, Captain Michael Phillips, Captain Michael Brinson, Lieutenant Casey King, Lieutenant Tad Shealy.

Number of Members: 28 Paid: 0 Volunteer: 28

Address: 2108 North Hwy 17-A, Macedonia, SC 29431


Phone: 843-565-3808

Community Outreach: Smoke detector program, fire prevention school visits as well as community fire extinguisher training and CPR training.

Top Two concerns in your community: Motor vehicle accidents and rail traffic.

What are you doing for fundraising? Turkey shoots, car washes, and chili cookoff.

What upgrades will you make in your department this year? 2017 Rosenbauer Custom Commander pumper (being constructed) and replacing Station 1.

What are special hazards or unique businesses in your community? Rail traffic with nuclear waster shipments. Mutual aid to neighboring departments with power plants.

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