Kings Mountain Fire Department

Department Name: Kings Mountain Fire Department

County: Cleveland 

Type Department: Municipal, Combination

ISO: 4

Number of Stations: 2

Number of Apparatus: 9


Pumpers: 4

Aerials: 1 – Specialty: 4

Do you provide EMS? Life threatening only. What type: BLS

Annual Budget: 1.4 million

Area Covered Square miles: 12.6

Population: 10,600

Total Runs: 722

Fire: 219 EMS: 178 

Chief: Frank Burns

Chief Officers: Thomas Harmon, Assistant Fire Chief

Other Officers: 3 Captains: J. Black, T. King, L. Wilson

Number of Members: 28

Paid: 20 fulltime, 6 Part time,
Volunteer: 2

Address: 106 Spruce St. PO Box 429


Phone: 704-734-0555

Community Outreach: Fire safety education in four elementary schools, smoke detector installation program, presentations at all city events, MDA fundraisers, Senior project mentorships, Senior project judges, CPR classes, industry training, Fire Museum

Top Two concerns in your community:

  1. Meeting the growing response needs, both in variety and volume, with limited manpower.
  2. Transitioning from a volunteer-heavy combination department to a career department, and the needed funding for that additional staffing.

What are you doing for fundraising? Grant writing for both SAFER and AFG grants, and increased budget through the city.

What upgrades will you make in your department this year? We are adding three additional career personnel, and planning to upgrade several pieces of loose equipment.

What special hazards or unique businesses in your community? Seven schools, several 1,000,000 plus square feet industrial facilities, a lithium mine/manufacturing facility, four miles of I85, four miles of Hwy 74, 6.5 miles of hiking trails, city lies within two counties, gas-fired turbine power plant, six miles of double track railroad track, body armor business, five large data centers, 600,000 square feet energy training facility, 1,660 acre water reservoir, Kings Mountain Battle Ground State/National Park.

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