CFJ Vol. 32.4 (Spring 2018)

10 Years After

I recently paid a visit to a fire station I opened 10 years ago last November. The idea was to see how the building was

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Are We Adrenalin Junkies?

As founder of Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance I have traveled over 130,000 air miles annually for the past three or four years. Crisscrossing the states

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Fire Wipes

If you are a member of any firefighter Facebook group, read magazines like this one, or tend to have good conversations in the firehouse, you

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Learning From Wolves

The attitude of a successful organization can be summed up simply: it is a constant visualization of success. This visualization of success has to be

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Macedonia Rural Fire Districts

Department Name: Macedonia Rural Fire District County: Berkeley County Type Department: Volunteer Structure: Private ISO: 6 Number of Stations: 3 Number of Apparatus: 9 Pumpers: 4 Specialty: 5 Do

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NIOSH Pocket Guide

Everyone would agree that the world of hazmat has changed dramatically since the 1980s when HAZWOPER was published. The OSHA regulation established five training levels

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Preserving Our Past

The Rekindle Society, The Carolina’s Chapter of SPAAMFAA (The Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America) has held an

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In my past articles I have spoken of my great blessings in life, especially since my treatment and sobriety.  As an alcoholic I wanted to

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