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Finally It’s Here!

An SCBA Refill Controller that addresses the refilling process, the mix of operator abilities, NFPA and DOT accountability requirements.

For over 30 years, breathing air compressor manufactures concentrated their efforts on controlling the air compressor and gas levels. Digital controls were built to monitor CO and H20 levels, but nothing was monitoring the refilling operators. Were they filling outdated air cylinders? When and who filled them? Were the hydro dates checked? Is the correct information recorded? Were they trained? Are they filling to the right pressure? Are they filling unauthorized cylinders?

Not many Fire Departments know these answers. Not many have the ability to monitor every cylinder refilled 24/7…

You can, with the CAT!

Take the guess work and human error out of the refilling process.

For more information contact Emergency Apparatus at 800-222-9940.


College of The Albemarle Receives Emergency Medical Service Simulator

College of The Albemarle (COA) students arriving to Sam Mickey’s EMS class stumbled across a jarring scene. Ambulance lights flashed as they glimpsed the interior of an ambulance with all its equipment and radios sitting right in the middle of their classroom. The new EMS simulator, is designed to look and function exactly like an ambulance, was delivered to the community college.

“It’s a simulator that looks and works like the back of an ambulance used in this area, to provide emergency care,” said Mickey, a local EMT with 40 years of experience. “The students were really surprised to see the lights flashing and the back of an ambulance sitting in their classroom. It’s definitely going to be a good experience for the students.”

Five courses at COA — EMT Basic, Advanced EMT, Paramedic, EMR and Basic Law Enforcement First Responder -—will now use the new EMS simulator as part of their training and certification programs.

KIMTEK Line of UTV Transport Skid Units now offered on W.S. Darley Website

Access to top-brand emergency response skid units are a click away at W.S. Darley’s e-commerce website Access to top-brand emergency response skid units are a click away at W.S. Darley’s e-commerce website now features the KIMTEK® MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® line of transport skid units custom designed for UTVs. The addition of KIMTEK’s products on the Darley website provides customers with more options for purchasing UTV-based skid units specifically designed for off-road EMS, medical, and firefighting applications.

Visitors to will find KIMTEK’s FIRELITE Transport at Visitors to will find KIMTEK’s FIRELITE Transport at and KIMTEK’s MEDLITE Transport at Visitors to will find KIMTEK’s FIRELITE Transport at and KIMTEK’s MEDLITE Transport at

Register Now for the NVFC Training Summit

Scholarships available for two-day classroom training event

Registration and course selection is now open for the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) Training Summit. The Summit will take place Friday, June 3, from 8 am-5 pm and Saturday, June 4, from 7:30 am-noon in Grapevine, TX. The conference is open to all volunteer firefighters, EMTs, department leadership, and other fire department personnel from across the United States.

Find detailed travel information and register today at Can’t make it to the Summit? Access dozens of on-demand online courses at Find detailed travel information and register today at Can’t make it to the Summit? Access dozens of on-demand online courses at

Questions? Contact the NVFC at 240-297-3568 or

Firefighter Rehabilitation Trailer Mobilizes and Multi Tasks in Florida Keys

Monroe County Fire Rescue in South Florida utilizes a trailer to meet the NFPA 1584 firefighter rehabilitation standard and ensure the well-being of their first responders plus it assists with several other tasks. The ability to multi task makes this trailer a more valuable asset for the county. Deputy Chief Hudson stated that it supports a wide variety of fire-ground operations and many other applications that are needed to combat the intense heat they experience in the Florida Keys. In addition to functioning as a firefighter rehabilitation station, the trailer can serve as a well-equipped, environmentally controlled paramedic field station, command post, decontamination unit, or mass casualty incident response unit within the system.

ProPac, Inc. is an emergency equipment supply company that configures, outfits and delivers custom emergency response trailers.

Spartan Fire & Emergency Apparatus New Ambulance Dealer for Carolinas

Here at Braun Industries, we look to partner with leading emergency vehicle dealerships that share the same commitment to quality products and customer service that we do. That is why is we are pleased to welcome our newest dealer to the Braun family, Spartan Fire & Emergency Apparatus, Inc. Spartan joins us as the new ambulance dealer for North and South Carolina. They will also be a Braun Authorized Service Center, with two service locations in South Carolina.

Based in Roebuck, South Carolina, Spartan Fire & Emergency Apparatus, Inc. has been in business since 1973. What began as a simple franchise to represent Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. in South Carolina, has grown into a leading provider of Pierce Fire Trucks, Holmatro Rescue Tools, and now Braun Ambulances. Under the third generation of family-ownership, Spartan is excited about the opportunity to work with us and represent our brand in the Carolinas.

“Ambulance sales and service is not new to Spartan,” says President of Spartan Fire & Emergency Apparatus, Inc., Robby Fore. “We have been representing a great company in Pierce for over 40 years, and during this time we also represented different ambulance manufacturers. Our interest to continue in the sales and service of ambulances is due to the opportunity to team up with a manufacturer like Braun Industries. When we were approached by Braun, it was like a no brainer for our organization to begin the process of research and preparation. Spartan Fire and Emergency Apparatus, Inc. is excited and prepared to support the EMS Services with Braun Industries in South Carolina and North Carolina. Our experienced staff, resources and representing such a high quality piece of equipment equates for positive opportunities in the future. ”

Spartan is looking forward to hitting the road and meeting with departments in the region to educate them about the unique manufacturing and construction process of Braun ambulances. They anticipate the Braun Liberty ambulance model will be a favorite, due to the ability to fully customize the module for specific department needs. The longevity of Braun models should also interest Carolina departments, allowing them the possibility to remount for long-term use.

Carolina fire and EMS departments interested in learning more about Braun models should contact Spartan sales representative, John Love at 864-680-0312 (Email:

For more information on Spartan Fire & Emergency Apparatus, Inc. we recommend you visit their website at or check them out on Facebook..

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