Industry News – 11/04/18

Acela Truck Company Expand its Line of High Water/Flood Rescue Trucks

Acela Truck Company recently announced that it has expanded its purpose-built High Water/Flood Rescue truck line of response apparatus to include multiple new custom body configurations and larger 6×6 models of its Monterra high mobility chassis.


Flooding is the leading cause of disaster or weather-related deaths in the United States and the number of coastal and inland flooding incidents are rising dramatically every year. Hurricane Harvey in 2017 was Houston’s third “500 year” flooding event in only the last few years, yet flood waters continue to stop most first responders in their tracks due to lack of proper equipment to adequately provide aid and safely protect responders. All 50 states have experienced flooding in the last five years.

Earlier this year, Acela Truck Company, manufacturer of extreme-duty, commercial truck chassis, introduced specialized high-water rescue and response trucks to its line of Monterra 4×4 high mobility chassis. With 47-inch tires, 23 inches of ground clearance, all-wheel-drive, waterproof alternator and starter and proprietary high-water fording kit, Acela’s specialized flood rescue variants are capable of fording a whopping 50 inches of water. Monterras are additionally capable of safely responding at top highway speeds of 74 MPH making them perfectly suitable for long-distance response.

Acela’s flood rescue line of truck products was inspired by company president, David Ronsen, a retired firefighter who spent many years as a field-deployed FEMA operations attaché, responding to dozens of catastrophic flooding events. 

The Acela Monterra line of trucks were originally designed for U.S. Army use and are considered to be the most capable wheeled vehicles available in North America. In addition to flood rescue operations, Monterra flood rescue trucks can be used for virtually any disaster response such as tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, mudslides and earthquakes, easily traveling over or through large debris, or double as incredibly capable brush/wildland fire engines, Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) support vehicles, cargo haulers and SAR/SWAT team troop carriers, in rural and urban environments.

Acela’s flood rescue vehicle retail pricing starts at $99,000 for 4×4 flood rescue trucks with agency-only discounts from Acela directly and through select fire apparatus dealers.

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