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NEW RIGHTANSWER.COM SERVICE MAKES CHEMICAL, HEALTH, AND SAFETY INFORMATION FREE TO U.S. FIRST RESPONDERS has launched a new service that makes subscription to its extensive collection of environmental, health, safety, hazard, and regulatory compliance information completely free to first responders throughout the United States. Called OnPointEHS™ First Responders, the new product will offer any qualified U.S.-based first responder free access to RightAnswer’s aggregated databases supporting single searches across multiple sources of up-to-date environmental, health, safety, hazard, and regulatory compliance information on hundreds of thousands of chemicals.

“First responders need easy access to appropriate information,” says Glen Markham,’s director of corporate business development. “And that information must be current, trusted and comprehensive. Information is what helps them do their jobs effectively and safely.

The offer is open to hazmat responders, firefighters, fire departments, emergency services coordinators, police officers, paramedics or other first responders based in the United States. Subscribers will be provided free access by registering at


KIMTEK Transport Units Fit Can-Am Defender and Can-Am Defender Max

KIMTEK Corp, makers of MEDLITE® and FIRELITE® Transport skid units for off-road rescue and wildland fire fighting, announce the full compatibility of their top-selling line of UTV-based skid units with Can-Am Defender and Can-Am Defender Max (crew) side-by-side UTVs. The Defender’s rugged cargo bed with 1,000 lb capacity and overall strong suspension and frame make it an excellent choice for first responders throughout public safety and service sectors in the United States, Canada, and well beyond.

As a key brand within the BRP family of companies, Can-Am’s line of Defender UTVs has been meticulously developed alongside Ski-Doo snowmobiles, Sea-Doo Jet Skis, Evinrude Outboard Motors, and Spyder Motorcycles. This long heritage in off-road quality means public safety professionals have a confident choice with Can-Am Defender UTVs outfitted with KIMTEK’s fully compatible, slip-on MEDLITE or FIRELITE Transport Skid Units.

KIMTEK Corporation is the largest producer and marketer of ATV/UTV-specific skid units for public safety agencies in the U.S. KIMTEK Transport skid units are made in the USA. For more information, please contact KIMTEK at 888-546-8358 or visit the company’s website at

Milliken & Company Named one of America’s Safest Companies for 2017

Three-time honoree is first company commemorated in America’s Safest Companies Hall of Fame

Underscoring the company’s firm commitment to safety, Milliken & Company is pleased to be included on the 2017 America’s Safest Companies List presented by EHS Today magazine. Milliken, a three-time honoree, was one of 13 companies recognized for providing a safe working environment for thousands of employees. In addition, Milliken became the first-ever company named to the America’s Safest Companies Hall of Fame.

America’s Safest Companies, created in 2002, is a corporate award honoring the safest companies in the United States. Since 2002, more than 225 companies with clearly demonstrated commitment to employee safety and health, environment management, and risk control have been included on the list published by EHS Today.

“The safety and health of all Milliken associates are of primary, foundational importance to our company,” shares J. Harold Chandler, CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Milliken & Company. “To be named among America’s Safest Companies upholds Milliken’s legacy of safety and honors the ongoing commitment of our associates to create a safe working environment.”

Milliken devotes resources to train associates to perform their jobs safely, to ensure equipment can be operated in a safe manner, to eliminate workplace hazards, and to comply with applicable safety and health laws and regulations. Milliken’s unwavering emphasis on safety has resulted in achieving one of the lowest total incident and injury rates of North American manufacturers, as well as becoming one of the nation’s top three companies for the number of sites receiving the coveted OSHA VPP Star certification.

For more information, visit, and join us on Twitter (@MillikenandCo), Facebook and Instagram (@MillikenandCo).

Everything Needed For Accurate Flow Testing At Your Fingertips

Elkhart Brass has released the Elkhart Hard Facts Calculator app. Everything you need for accurate flow testing in one app. Calculators included in the app are:

  • Smooth Bore Discharges & Flow/Pressure
  • Nozzle Reaction for Smooth Bore Nozzles
  • Nozzle Reaction for Fog Nozzles

Pump Discharge Pressure for standard layouts, with ability to input hose coefficient depending on make and inside diameter

  • Pump Discharge Pressure with elevation changes and appliances
  • Pump Discharge Pressure for high-rise layouts
  • Fire flow formula calculators for both the NFA and Iowa Formulas

Also included in the app are direct links to the Brass Tacks Hard Facts video series.

This is available for FREE download on the Apple App store! Will be available for Android users coming soon, check our website for updates!

Elkhart Brass has been a proven leader in the fire suppression industry since 1902 and is part of the Safe Fleet, Emergency and Industrial group.

department be notified of the alarm via central station, but with the proper equipment in place at building sites and information shared, the fire department can get information real time directly from the fire alarm panel. Of course this all has to be coordinated and information shared to be able to accomplish this. If nothing else an email or text message can be sent to phones or other smart devices.

This type of technology will do nothing but help to give good information to the fire department upon dispatch to the fire alarm call. This can help with size up and planning while en-route to the dispatched address along with an added safety feature where they can see what the fire alarm system is seeing real time without entering the building. If additional alarms are reported to the panel these are seen and a possible progressing fire can be tracked and located a little easier before having to look at building plans. As this technology is further developed building floor plans along with fire alarm initiating device locations may become available so the fire department or maintenance department has this information readily available on smart devices while the alarm event is happening.

More and more this type of technology is being incorporated into the fire truck. Not only will firefighters be able to pull up directions to the building but also pull up the actual fire alarm information too. As with any tool we are given we must become familiar with and use it often to be efficient and understand how to use it. Just like a halogen tool or thermal imaging camera, if you haven’t trained with these tools you will not be able to efficiently and safely use them. The fire service as a whole needs to ensure that we train the same way we will actually operate in a real emergency situation and this includes using the proper tools correctly. We have to break the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” response and be receptive to embracing the newer technologies. Also utilize younger firefighters as they can help teach the older firefighters how to use these new technologies.

Carl Thompson has been employed with SimplexGrinnell for 27 years. He is a NICET (National Institute for the Certification in Engineering Technologies) Level IV in Fire Alarm Systems and an Operations Technician, which programs and tests Fire Alarm Systems. Thompson is a current Graduate Student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the Fire Protection and Administration with a tentative graduation date of December 2017.

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