Industry News – 07/27/18

Liberty Art Works Announces The Red Line Series

The new Red Line Series of sculpted bronze plaques available at Liberty Art Works uniquely presents this honored line exclusively to the fire service. The Patriot Flag (09R1), Flying Stars and Stripes (093R) and Thin Red Line Plaques (098) are meticulously hand finished, polished, and mounted on top choice walnut. An engraved brass plate is included for your personal inscription. Proudly Made In The USA.

For more information call 888.411.7744 or visit


Secure Rectangular Quart and Half Gallon Containers with New Ziamatic Bracket

Zico has added another new addition to their exciting line of premix container brackets, introducing the QUIC-MOUNT Rectangular Quart and Half-Gallon Premix Holder (Model QM-PMH-RQHG) that secures 3-11/16” x 5-1/4” rectangular quart and half gallon cans from popular brands like STIHL, allowing you to safely store premix fuel beside your saws in the compartment where you need it most.

Made with heavy-duty steel and aluminum. Powder-coated yellow for maximum durability and can protection. Bracket lowers risk of tipping, denting, leaking, and puncturing inside the compartment and keeps your supplies easy to locate. Bracket mounts to nearly any flat surface. Hang the bracket from the compartment wall to save space on the shelf below!

For more information, please call 800-711-FIRE or visit

Acela Truck Company Introduces Line of Purpose-Built Flood Rescue Trucks

If your agency operates in a flood prone area and doesn’t have purpose-built flood rescue vehicles, Acela Truck Company now offers a new solution.

To address growing challenges, Acela Truck Company, manufacturer of extreme-duty, commercial truck chassis, recently introduced specialized high-water rescue and response trucks to its line of Monterra 4×4 and 6×6 high-mobility truck chassis. With 47-inch tires, 23 inches of ground clearance, an all-wheel-drive drivetrain, waterproof alternator and starter and proprietary fording kit, Acela’s specialized flood rescue variants are capable of fording a whopping 50 inches of water while safely carrying up to 20 seated passengers (including driver) with ample room and payload for pets, personal property or rescue gear. Monterras are additionally capable of safely responding at top highway speeds of 74 MPH making them perfectly suitable for long-distance response.

Acela’s floor rescue truck products were inspired by company president, David Ronsen, a retired firefighter who spent many years as a field-deployed FEMA operations attaché, responding to dozens of catastrophic flooding events. “I know first-hand how frustrating it is for local fire, law enforcement, EMS, EMA and Search and Rescue agencies to be faced with the challenges of having to rescue thousands of their customers without proper flood rescue equipment,” says Ronsen. “Acela’s product design team committed to designing an incredibly capable new tool for first responders to reliably and safely impact hundreds of people a day the result is a true game changer.”

For more information about Acela check out their website at

KIMTEK’s FIRELITE and MEDLITE Units Aboard Latest Energy Efficient First Response Vehicles

KIMTEK Corporation, manufacturers of modular skid units for firefighting and emergency medical transport in ATVs/UTVs, and brush trucks, recently implemented its latest line of skid units that support energy efficient electric vehicles. KIMTEK’s commitment to environmental sustainability, quality construction and convenient, modular design features provides important advantages for makers of electric vehicles such as Polaris GEM and Ranger EV models and, most recently, for the California-based Tropos Motors team. Tropos Motors has just debuted its ABLE™ FRV and ABLE™ EMS fire and medical first responder electric vehicles with KIMTEK FIRELITE® Transport 300 series truck skid units and the MEDLITE® Transport MTSTR-104 Transport Cot Units aboard.

Ideal for first response coverage at large events, parking garages, commercial buildings, and entertainment venues featuring smooth or paved surfaces, electric vehicles allow fire and EMS personnel access to hard to reach areas where standard full-size fire and rescue vehicles do not fit.

“Our latest pairing of MEDLITE and FIRELITE skid units with electric vehicles is part of KIMTEK’s history of partnerships with American manufacturers to serve the varied and emerging needs of public safety professionals, “ KIMTEK’s Founder and President, Kimball Johnson, said. “We are constantly seeking relationships that reflect energy efficiency as well as product combinations that best adapt KIMTEK equipment with the needs of our first responders in the many environments in which they work.”

For more information about KIMTEK’s full line of public safety skid units for fire, rescue, EMS, and brush trucks, including those specifically for electric vehicles, please visit the KIMTEK websites at and For more information about KIMTEK’s full line of public safety skid units for fire, rescue, EMS, and brush trucks, including those specifically for electric vehicles, please visit the KIMTEK websites at and

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