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KIMTEK Unveils Large Capacity Firelite® FDHP-303-300 Brush Truck Skid Unit

KIMTEK has added a large capacity model to its brush truck series skid unit lineup. The new Series FIRELITE® FDHP-303-300 skid unit is desired by departments needing larger water capacity, affordable brush truck units with industry leading Darley Davey Pumps.

To additionally meet departments’ specific needs, KIMTEK offers the new 300 gallon model in options that include a patient transport area which can hold a long board or stokes basket or accommodate other optional items that can be added such as storage boxes and supply line trays.


The KIMTEK’s FDHP-303-300 Series skid unit is equipped with an electric rewind Hannay 4000 Series reel, 300 gallon fully baffled to NFPA standards poly water tank and integrated 5 gallon foam cell. Pump options include: Davey 6.5, 9, or 13-HP or Darley 1.5 AGE 13HX pump. The 300 gallon Series brush truck skid units also include 100’ of 3/4” Booster hose or 50’ of 1’ Boostlite booster hose with nozzle and Scotty Through-the-Pump class A foam system. Also included Mercedes Draftlite Kit – Hydro-Wick Hand Primer installed on skid; 20’ of 1.5” suction hose; Foot Valve / Strainer.

Incorporating KIMTEK’s trademark sensible design, the new FIRELITE FDHP-303-300 Series Brush Truck Skid Unit is affordably priced yet produced with the same high-quality materials and workmanship that departments throughout the world expect from KIMTEK. The 300 Series unit incorporates all-aluminum diamond plate construction, aluminum tubing, stainless steel manifold with pressure gauge. All the NFPA fully baffled water tanks are on reinforced aluminum bases with spaces to accommodate a fork lift for easy installation in brush trucks.

KIMTEK Corporation is the largest producer and marketer of ATV/UTV-specific skid units for public safety agencies in the U.S. KIMTEK’s FIRELITE® fire and rescue skid units and MEDLITE® medical skid units are now in service in all 50 U.S. states and across Canada, all branches of the military, the National Park Service, numerous NASCAR tracks, sporting complexes, schools, universities, and in several countries worldwide.

For more information, please contact KIMTEK at 888-546-8358 or visit or

Reyco Granning announces That Its Transportmaster® Suspension System is Now a Published Option

Reyco Granning announces that its TransportMaster® suspension system is now a published option for Wheeled Coach, Road Rescue, Miller, and Horton (special request) ambulance brands of REV Group. TransportMaster® is a turn-key bolt-on upgrade to replace inferior factory leaf springs on Class 3-5 Ford, Ram, GM, and EV chassis. The TransportMaster® was designed to improve passenger comfort, manage body height, and permit kneeling; all features that the factory leaf spring cannot provide.

REV Option Codes:

Ford F-350: 01-07-6501

Ford F-450: 01-07-6502

Ford F-550: 01-07-6503

TransportMaster® also provides proven advantages in: handling, acquisition cost, installation time, and durability. The next time your municipality or ambulance services company is specifying a first response vehicle be sure to insist upon the TransportMaster® by Reyco Granning.

TransportMaster® is the right choice for your ambulance, click here for more details on the TransportMaster®. For more information, please visit our website or request a vehicle demonstration

Reyco Granning, headquartered in Mt. Vernon, MO, designs and manufactures air ride, steel spring, and auxiliary suspension systems used by truck, trailer and specialty vehicle OEMs, including Fire and Rescue, RV and Bus markets. Reyco Granning is a suspension manufacturer with nearly 90 years of proven product quality, durability, and reliability. Visit us at

McHenry Introduces Legislation Supporting Volunteer Firefighters

Congressman Patrick McHenry (NC-10) was recently joined by Congressman Ted Budd (NC-13), Congressman Richard Hudson (NC-08), Congressman Greg Murphy (NC-03), Congressman Dan Bishop (NC-09), Congressman Madison Cawthorn (NC-11), Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (NC-05), and Congressman David Rouzer (NC-07) in introducing H.R. 3874, legislation that would allow full-time nonprofit firefighters and emergency medical service workers to join a state or local retirement system.

“Every day, the brave men and women serving in our volunteer fire and EMS departments work tirelessly to keep our communities safe,” said Congressman McHenry. “This legislation will ensure these essential personnel are finally able to receive the same benefits as their state-employed counterparts. I’m proud to author this bill that supports our full-time volunteer firefighters and EMS as they protect and serve our communities.”

“Firefighters and EMS workers keep us safe and deserve our support,” said Congressman Hudson. “I am proud to join Rep. McHenry to introduce this legislation that would allow these nonprofit first responders to access the North Carolina state pension fund. I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance this commonsense bill in Congress.”

“First responders put their life on the line for our health and safety every day,” said Congressman Greg Murphy. “It is time we reward these North Carolinians for their valiant efforts by allowing them to opt into the NC state pension fund. In doing so, we are creating fair opportunities for nonprofit first responders to keep qualified individuals and save more lives. I thank these dedicated members of our community for their service and sacrifice.”

“Anyone who serves our communities as a first responder deserves to have access to a full pension and a secure retirement,” said Congressman Budd. “I’m proud to join Rep. McHenry in proposing a bill that would help achieve that.”

“America’s first responders represent our front line defense against terror and tragedy,” said Congressman Cawthorn. “There should be no debate when it comes to providing them with the resources they need to care for their families. Allowing our first responders in North Carolina to opt into the NC state pension fund is a common sense step to ensure highly qualified individuals remain in places of public service. I am proud to support this legislation that prioritizes the interests of our first responders.”

“Our first responders work around the clock and risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe,” said Congressman Rouzer. “I’m proud to join my colleagues from North Carolina in introducing a bill to ensure that nonprofit firefighters and emergency medical service workers can join a state or local retirement system and earn the benefits they deserve by so nobly serving the public.”

Background: For years, the IRS has prevented full-time volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel from joining the North Carolina state retirement system despite providing the same emergency and community services as those employed by the state. This legislation creates a special rule to clarify that 501c (nonprofit) public safety agency firefighters and EMS workers can join the governmental plan of the locality or state they are contracted to work in.

Midwest Fire Hires Industry Veteran Dr. Rich Gasaway as Newest Sales Representative

Midwest Fire Equipment and Repair Company (Midwest Fire) announced recently that they have hired industry veteran, author, speaker, and former Fire Chief, Dr. Rich Gasaway as their newest sales representative. With 33 years in the fire industry, Dr. Gasaway brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Midwest Fire team.

“Dr. Gasaway is an author, leader, innovator, and pursues excellence in all that he does,” said Atchison. “His core values, vision, and passion for serving firefighters have always been in alignment with Midwest Fire’s, making it an easy decision to bring Rich Gasaway onto the team.”

Midwest Fire Equipment & Repair Company has been manufacturing high-quality fire apparatus since 1987. We work directly with our customers, never through dealers, to keep costs down and communication consistent during the entire sales and manufacturing process. By creating long-term relationships with our customers, we are able to craft state-of-the-art approaches to meet each department’s needs. We take pride in our work and our ability to produce some of the highest quality, most innovative trucks on the market.

Syntex Industries Expanding

Syntex Industries will be expanding this summer to better serve our customers. The expansion will help us respond to our customers more efficiently. Since all our products are made in house, this expansion will provide us more room to work, meaning more stock and quicker arrival to you!

Syntex Industries is a manufacturer of many fire apparatus tarps. Some of the products we offer are water tanks, hose bed covers, cross lay covers, and staging mats. Many of these products are offered in a wide variety of colors and they all come with a two-year warranty. Syntex also offers repair kits for things that may not require a brand-new product. For more information contact Syntex Industries at 515-332-3265 or visit our website at

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