Industry News – 04/16/18

P.L. Custom Body and Equipment
Co., Inc. Announces C.W. Williams
and Co. As Distributor

C.W. Williams & Co. (CWW) will be providing sales and service to emergency services providers in North and South Carolina and Tennessee. In addition to providing sales and service for P.L. Custom Emergency Vehicles (PLCB) and Rescue 1, CWW will be providing remounting and specialty conversions through PLCB as well.

According to Dean Allred, CEO of CWW, “After a three-year evaluation of our market and potential suppliers, we now look forward to promoting and selling these two great products…As we researched possible representation of an ambulance manufacturer, it was refreshing to find a strong family owned and operated company so dedicated to craftsmanship and long term customer relationships. For our customer that are looking for a better product and better local service support, we are convinced this new partnership will be hard to resist.

“C.W. Williams & Co. is celebrating its 62nd year of continuous operation,” continued Allred. The company operates out of two facilities in North Carolina, strategically located to offer easy access for our customers. Our experience service team offers both garage and mobile service for both apparatus and equipment.”

PLCB has been in business since 1946 and owned by the Smock family since 1970. They consider the company small by design, family-owned and rich in heritage and tradition.


Foundation Ambulance Receives Transit Ambulance Certification

Foundation Ambulance, Inc. has received certification on the Type II Transit Ambulance platform from Environmental Testing Laboratory, Inc. in Dallas, TX. This testing fully meets Federal KKK-1822-F certification requirements as well as compliance with CAAS Standards.

Foundation is proud to announce certification on our Transit Ambulance. This certification ensures the end user is receiving a safe ambulance that meets the Federal guidelines and requirements set forth by Federal KKK-1822-F as well as CAAS. We have very high manufacturing standards at Foundation Ambulance and we are proud to be providing a quality ambulance at a fair price. With all of the changes in today’s ambulance industry, we aim to be your source for custom crafted ambulances that are not mass produced by the big-box manufacturers.

Foundation Ambulance, Inc. is a certified woman owned small business in Fayetteville, Georgia that remounts ambulances from all manufacturers as well as manufacturing their own brand of Type II Van Ambulances.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Dee Benson Diget at 678-826-2219 or email at

KIMTEK Announces Upgrades with Mercedes Booster Hose and Draft Kits

KIMTEK Corp. announced a new relationship with Mercedes Textiles, Canadian manufacturers of firefighting systems including fire hoses, couplings, adapters, accessories, and fire pumps. KIMTEK has made Mercedes Boostlite® non-collapsible reel booster hose the new standard on all its UTV and Truck FIRELITE® skid units that feature the Hannay 4000 series reels. Heavy duty and kink resistant even at low pressure, Mercedes Boostlite hose weighs an average of 30 lb. less than rubber jacketed booster hose. This state-of-the-art addition represents another top-of-the-line fixture to KIMTEK’s long list of trusted product offerings available on its skid units, already including W.S. Darley pumps, Hannay reels, Scotty foam systems, and others.

For more information, please contact KIMTEK at 888-546-8358 or visit the company’s websites at and For more information, please contact KIMTEK at 888-546-8358 or visit the company’s websites at and

MagneGrip Installations in New Fire Station Construction

MagneGrip has recently installed exhaust removal and air purifications systems in new fire and rescue facilities across the country. As fire chiefs and architects become aware of increased cancer risk due to diesel exhaust and toxins in apparatus bay areas, MagneGrip Group has been specified for new emergency center construction projects.

MagneGrip Exhaust Removal and AirHAWK Air Purification Systems are built into new facilities as well as retrofit into existing structures. In new construction, general exhaust does not provide the level of proection fire chiefs are looking for. As a result, a point-of-source exhaust capture system is a necessity. It eliminates exposure to unhealthly diesel fumes, stops toxins from migrating to other rooms and keeps the building cleaner. An exhaust removal system also allows indoor engine checks, in accordance with IMC building codes for operating vehicles inside a building. Air HAWK Air Purification Systems keep air clean in turnout rooms.

Investing in Those Who Serve and Protect

The Sheepdog Survival Fund, a new 501(c)(3) charitable organization made its official debut with the announcement of its inaugural fundraising event in Chandler, Arizona. Founded to address a serious unmet need within the law enforcement, first responder and military communities, The Sheepdog Survival Fund helps these professionals accomplish their missions in the safest and most effective manner possible by providing access to advanced training and mission-critical equipment, all at zero cost to the applicants.

“When you put on a uniform to serve and protect, there’s a level of responsibility and risk you willingly accept,” said Blake Hayes, co-founder of The Sheepdog Survival Fund. “Our law enforcement and first responders must always be at the ready and continuously refining their skillsets in order to protect others, themselves and most importantly, save lives. Refining those skillsets, however, comes at a cost, and in the face of shrinking budgets, the reality is that not all departments can afford to invest in providing such training or even upgrading critical equipment. Filling that gap is our mission and what drives our organization.”

Fundraising for The Sheepdog Survival Fund is supported by strategic partnerships with leading brands, such as 5-11 Tactical, Leupold, Gerber, Full Throttle Energy, Crate Club, as well as through tax-free donations from individuals from all walks of life. One of the primary applications of the funds is to provide scholarships for a wide range of training courses, such as basic defensive tactics, instinctive hand-to-hand combat, tactical entry, active shooter response and survival ground combatives. Moreover, The Sheepdog Survival Fund will also help law enforcement further develop mindsets in regards to use of force as well as officer survival, both from a hands-on as well as legal perspective.

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