I Am In Need of Sleep

How has everyone been? Getting ready for the summer season and beach weather? The kids — and teachers — are counting down until summer break. Of course those parents with high school seniors want time to stand still. I know, this time three years ago I was in their place. Now my baby girl is 21, graduates in May with an Associates Degree wanting to get her BA. I am so proud of her and her choices. 


Those of you with older children will know what I am talking about when I say allowing them to grow up is very hard on you. When they are young you can set curfews allowing them to stay out as late as you want. When they become a certain age you start loosing sleep. OK, I have lost more sleep since she has turned 21 than I have since she turned 16.

When our daughter was six weeks old I remember worrying about her in another room sleeping in her bassinet. Then I worried about her the first day of kindergarten when her bus was an hour late coming home. Then she was in sixth grade, and then she turned 16 and drove out of the driveway by herself.

I remember looking for her dress for her first father/daughter dance and then her eighth grade prom. Then in the ninth grade she went to the senior prom. Why wasn’t I worried then? How much trouble could she get in? I must have been oblivious to everything. I must have forgotten what I got into when I was that age. I didn’t lose any sleep that night.  Then it was her junior prom and then her senior prom.

I am very proud of our Baby Girl and all of her accomplishments. She has very good grades, is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, coaches parks and rec soccer teams and works. Even though I am proud of her, it doesn’t mean I don’t lose sleep.

The one thing I have learned as my Baby Girl grows and spreads her wings, is that it doesn’t get easier as they get older. I know come August I will not sleep at all, but that doesn’t mean I am not proud of her.

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