High Point Fire Department

Department Name: High Point Fire

County: Guilford — Forsyth, Davidson, Randolph

Type Department: Career/ Paid

Structure: Municipal

ISO: 1

Number of Stations: 14


Chief Thomas Reid

Number of Apparatus: Pumpers: 14 Aerials: 4 Specialty: 9

Do you provide EMS? Non-transport EMT — What type: FR

Specialty Operations: Hazmat, Dive/Water, Technical Rescue

Annual Budget: 25.5 million

Area Covered Square miles: 74

Population: 134,183

Total Runs: 15,800

Fire: 113 actual fires

EMS: 10,817

Chief: Thomas Reid

Chief Officers: Deputy Chief of Operations, Deputy Chief of Administration, Assistant Chief of Support Services

Other Officers: Training Chief, 7 Battalion Chiefs, Chief Mechanic, Fire Marshal, Emergency Manager

Number of Members: All Paid: 235

Address: 434 S. Elm Street

Website: https://www.highpointnc.gov/Fire

Phone: 336-883-3358

Community Outreach:

Our fire prevention and education training offers several education programs on a wide variety of fire safety topics. Some of these programs include general fire safety education and fire extinguishers

Top Two concerns in the community:

Bi-annual international furniture trade show, transportation of various chemical products through the city including railroad, interstate and pipeline.

What upgrades will you make in your department this year?

Continue with station renovations and equipment upgrades

What special hazards or unique businesses in your community?

Chemical manufacturing, High Point University, and large population from International furniture trade show.

Accomplishments: Station alerting in all stations and institution of 15-year front-line fleet replacement program. Recent recertification of ISO Class 1 Department and renewal of annual compliance with CPSE Accreditation.

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