Have You Ever Been Left Somewhere?

About 19 years ago my Dear Husband (DH) left me to run a call. He didn’t leave me at home, but at Wal-Mart. Of all places, men don’t leave your wife at Wal-Mart and wives, if you are going to be left somewhere, what a great place to be left. As we were out and about one Saturday afternoon we decided to do some grocery shopping. While in Wal-Mart the tones dropped and my DH started doing the, “I wanna go” dance. So, I said, “Go, but leave me your debit card.” With a look of aggravation, he pulled out his wallet and handed me his debit card.  So, our daughter and I did what mom and daughters do best, we shopped. While were checking out back into Wal-Mart he came.


It is coming upon Christmas as I write this article and someone said something today that took my thoughts back 20 years ago. They were talking about Chrismon and Christmas services at church. That immediately took me back to the first Chrismon service that my DH and I had attended as a couple — we were preparing to be married. At the time we were living in a rural area in North Carolina attending a Methodist Church that I think half of the volunteer fire department attended. The service was a nice short service. As we were into the part of the service where we light the candles, the tones dropped. I think all the men immediately grabbed their pagers. Then half of them proceed to blow out their candle and stand. My DH looked at me, having those sad brown eyes because he thought I would get mad if he went. Of course, I told him to go on, that I would get a ride home from someone. However, before the last word had been said, here came all of the men back into the church.

Another time was on our honeymoon! About two weeks after the first time I was left. This time wasn’t to run a call, but to attend a blood borne pathogen training class. It was a mandatory training that he had to attend. We rolled into town where DH was working at the time and was dropped off at the mall. So, as my DH was in class, I went shopping.

I know you are wondering why am I telling you about these times of being left. The reason is just to let you know that you are not the only one who has been left and will not be the last one to be left somewhere while your firefighter goes on a call or while they are in class. Just go with it and enjoy life as it rolls into your playing court. Everything will come out OK.

Dedra Cline welcomes your questions and comments. She can be reached at dcline11@sccoast.net.

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