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We survived the winter and the summer months are finally here. If you are like me, I want to be outside doing something or nothing at all is fine too. I enjoy my gardening, cooking on the grill but most of all it makes me realize I need to get more exercise and get in shape. Karen Leatherman, President of Fitness Forum, gives all of us good advice on our eating habits. As for your department, this time of year is always good to increase your training and to further your education with the many online courses that are being offered. As you browse through the Journal, you can see many of the colleges that offer courses designed for those of you wanting to become, enhance or further your career in fire fighting or EMS.


As promised, “The Active Shooter” series will stay a big part of the Journal. Our editorial staff of experts in this field is the best. Many thanks to Tracey Caulder and Andrew Rowley for starting this well needed feature. Congratulations to Andrew on his recent accomplishment — President, North Carolina Tactical Medical Association. We also want to welcome Dr. Mike Clumpner to our editorial board. You can ask around as I did and he has amazing knowledge that he is willing to take his time to share with you. Body armor has now become a need to have for our first responders due to the ever-growing mass casualties that we have seen over the years. In these pages you will find suppliers of body armor that are well known for outfitting public safety individuals with protective gear.

The entire Journal is dedicated to YOUR needs — our Carolina’s First Responders. Many of you have met us and know we are not firefighters or paramedics but have tremendous passion for all of you and what you do. As your trade journal for the last 31 years, it is important that we provide you with the best instructional content that you can read today and use tomorrow on your job. The companies that we represent each quarter are carefully selected and we feel confident they will take care and service your department as you deserve. These companies that seek your business make it possible for us to be your publication. Support them.

I hear from many of you but if we can be of any help feel free to contact me. If you have any comments or suggestions I can be reached at: 866-761-1292, Ext. 106 or

Don’t forget to make plans to attend the 112th Annual South Carolina Fire-Rescue Conference in Myrtle Beach June 12-17. Classes are offered the entire week. It is a good time to bring the family and enjoy the beach while you see all the trucks and new products that your department can use.

Stay Safe and Keep Training

– Gwen

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