Easley Fire Department


Easley Fire Department

Department Name: Easley Fire Department  

County: Pickens

Type Department: Fire

Structure: Combination Career/Volunteer


Chief Matthew Littleton

ISO: Class 2

Number of Stations: 4

Number of Apparatus:

Pumpers: 5 Aerials: 4 Squads: 3    Specialty: 1 HazMat unit, 1- Medium Duty Rescue unit, 1- Service Truck

Do you provide EMS? First Response. What type: BLS,ALS,FR

Specialty Operations: (list all) Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, Field Communications

Annual Budget: Approximately $2.7 million (FY2019)

Area Covered Square miles: 80 square miles

Population: Approximately 44,000

Total Runs: 2,285

Fire: 1,416  EMS: 869

Chief: Matthew Littleton

Chief Officers: 2

Other Officers: 3

Captains, 4 Lieutenants,

42 Firefighters

Number of Members: Paid: 31 Volunteer: 20

Address: 310 Pope Field Road, Easley, SC 29641

Website: https://www.cityofeasley.com/easley-fire-department

Phone: (864)859-8950

Community Outreach:

  • Our personnel go to community events, schools and local businesses to conduct fire and life safety education programs
  • Host an JR. Firefighter Program for teens who have an interest in a career as a firefighter
  • Conduct an Open House each October for the community that brings in over 2,000 people from the City of Easley to allow them access to fire and life safety educational programs and meet with their fire service men and women in Easley.  The community also has the opportunity to interact with other public safety organizations as well as NGO’s.
  • Conduct a Smoke Alarm Blitz in within our service area to install smoke alarms as well as conduct a home fire inspection for the occupant.
  • Participate in delivering instruction in our local career centers for high school students who aspire to become career firefighters
  • Our personnel participate in delivering Meals on Wheels to members of our community

Top Two concerns in your community:

  • Recruitment and retention of volunteers in our community.  We are always looking for those members of the community who would like to serve our department.
  • Maintaining an active Community Risk Reduction program within our department that constantly meets the growing needs of our community.
  • Managing the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) as the City continues to grow and construction continues to take place.

What are you doing for fundraising?  

We collect aluminum cans and have them recycled to provide funds for smoke alarms that our department will install in residences of the elderly and disabled throughout the year.  Our collection of cans allows us to purchase and install nearly 400 smoke alarms each year.  Since beginning our program of recycling cans we have purchased and installed 4,000 smoke alarms and 6,000 batteries.

What upgrades will you make in your department this year?  

  • Add extractors to stations 1 and 2 programmed with 1 cycle to meet NFPA 1851
  • Complete Remodel of Station 1
  • Acquire one new Engine

What special hazards or unique businesses in your community?

  • 2 large Freight rail lines and 1 passenger rail line
  • 1 hospital
  • Rapid community development utilizing lightweight construction

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