Crossword Puzzler – 01/25/21



3 Building _____ may be the most important component to the pre-planning of a hostile incident

7 Among Public Safety Divers the most commonly reported injuries are _____ problems.

9 Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (“PFAS”) exposure to has been linked to an increased risk of contracting many different types of ______.

10 This substance has the highest thermal conductivity of any (with the exception of helium and ammonia) which allows heat to be transferred to human flesh faster than dry skin.


11 FEMSA advises, “Be constantly alert to the possibility of exposure to radiant, _____, or conductive heat and other hazards.”

14 Mutual Aid can be defined, simply, as reciprocal aid and cooperation among organizations and _______.

15 First Responder Tactical Beyond Visual Line of Sight (TBVLOS) Waiver allows public safety to fly beyond line of ______ (BVLOS)

16 Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (abbr).

17 High angle emergencies are defined as those that present angle requirements of 60 degrees or _________.


1 TPP stands for Thermal Protective _____.

2 Deploying a rapid intervention team into the Hot Zone on a hazardous materials event to rescue an injured team member is definitely a high _____/low frequency type of event.

4 GROOM; Graduate, Recruitment, Operational, Opportunity and _____.

5 It been shown that people can be infectious with COVID-19 and not have _____.

6 A process in which one adapts well in the face of adversity, traumatic situations, tragedy and significant sources of stress.

8 Whether looking at a bill of lading in highway transportation or a consist in rail transportation, hazardous ______ are required to be listed by their basic description.

11 Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (abbr).

12 A firefighter’s P.P.E. reduces their risk of burns and injuries by absorbing and releasing _______.

13 Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (abbr).

Caroline M. Schloss is a current member of the Knotts Island Volunteer Fire Dept., Currituck County Fire/EMS, Virginia Beach CERT VA., Currituck County CERT, National Association of Search and Rescue, Project Lifesaver VA.

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