Crossword Puzzler – 07/30/20



5 There is a legal standard that is often applied in the context of operating an emergency vehicle and that is due _____ which is defined as “giving fair consideration to and sufficient attention to all the facts.”

9“Low angle” rescue evolutions are those revolutions that are basically performed upon _____ less than vertical, ranging from 15 degrees up to about 67.5 degrees.

10Just-in-time training provides “_____-education” on specific topics shortly before they get used; this type of training accommodates for the fact that people forget what they learn pretty quickly..


11When considering trench rescues, in almost all circumstances wetter soils are less stable than drier soils; saturated soils are very _____.

13 A Public Information Officer should remember to: talk ______ your community, not to your community by engaging the community in dialogue and give them daily ways to interact with you.

14The second and equally important main objective of EMS responding during a pandemic is to _____ the rate of transmission.

18The ICS General Staff are made up of the Operations Section Chief, the Planning Section Chief, the _____ Section Chief, and the Finance/Administration Section Chief.

19A task _____ is defined as a group of people, or equipment, that has different capabilities but is grouped together for a common task.

20Motor Vehicle Accident (abbr).


1The Demron Crew Protection Blanket is a flame- and _____-resistant blanket that helps contain blasts and high-energy radiation sources and can help prevent or minimize catastrophes.

2OSHA defines a _____ space as “a space in which employees can bodily enter and perform work; has limited or restricted means of entry or exit, and is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.”

3In a trainer’s eyes, there is never such a thing as too much

4Mechanical Advantage System (abbr).

6During a pandemic the first priority for EMS providers is to protect themselves by following their _____ and using their PPE correctly.

7The Planning Section Chief is responsible for supervision of the resource unit, the _____ unit, the documentation unit and the demobilization unit.

8Particleboard (chipboard) is an engineered wood product manufactured from _____ chips, sawmill shavings, or even sawdust, and a synthetic resin or other suitable binder, which is pressed and extruded.

9In emergency vehicle operation, safety starts with _____.

12Rescue _____ Force.

15Dive Person In Charge (abbr).

16Surface Supply Diving allows you to make a dive without having to worry about a limited tank of _____ on your back.

17North Carolina Firefighter Cancer Alliance (abbr).

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Caroline M. Schloss is a current member of the Knotts Island Volunteer Fire Dept., Currituck County Fire/EMS, Virginia Beach CERT VA., Currituck County CERT, National Association of Search and Rescue, Project Lifesaver VA.

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