Crossword Puzzle – 01/23/20

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1 A fireline trench is a trench on the downhill side of fire burning on steep slopes that is supposed to be built deep enough to catch rolling firebrands that could otherwise start fire below the fireline _____.

3 CAFS; Compressed ___ Foam System is the generic term used to describe foam systems consisting of an air source/compressor, a water pump, and foam solution.

4 Prescribed burning under a forest canopy is denoted as an ____ burning; this fire consumes surface fuels but not the overstory canopy.

6 The Radiant Heat ____ is the amount of heat flowing through a given area in a given time, usually expressed as calories/square centimeter/second.

7 Wildland Fire Situation Analysis (abbr)

11 Any cargo carried beneath a helicopter and attached by a lead line and swivel is called a sling ____.

12 A ____ burn is a thermal trauma that may be a superficial, partial thickness or full thickness burn.

13 Skills performed by an EMS practitioner or service on scene/site ALS; Advanced ____ Support or BLS Basic ____ Support

16 Task Force Leader (abbr)

18 The Very High Frequency Amplitude Modulation commonly referred to as the “ ____ or VHF” band ranges from 118 MHz to 136 MHz is only authorized for use by aviation and controlled by the FAA.

20 The ____ of the fire determines a course of action for suppression and is called scene size-up.

21 A depression or pass in a ridgeline is known as a ____ .

22 A narrow finger or band of fuel that connects two or more patches or areas of wildland fuel is known as a ____ .

23____ is an offender who intentionally sets fires.


1 BACM; Best Available ____ Measures.

2 The back step of a wildland or structural fire engine is referred to as the ____.

5 Service Branch Director (abbr)

8 An emergency ____ is a person employed as an emergency worker on a forest or wildland fire which threatens damage to property under public management and are hired for the duration of the emergency only.

9 The individual responsible for identifying and securing a wildfire’s origin and determining the probable cause and documenting causal factors in a case report is the wildland fire ____ .

10 Preburning of fuels adjacent to a control line before igniting a prescribed burn, usually done in heavy fuels adjacent to a control line during periods of low fire danger to reduce heat on holding crews and lessen chances for spotting across control line ____.

14 ____ suppression is achieved by creating a seal with foam which prevents a release of flammable vapors from fuel.

15 The elapsed time from receipt of notification by the personnel charged with initiating suppression action to the departure of the first attack unit is the ____ time.

17 Oversees logistical support and management of helibase and helispot operations and temporary fixed-wing base(s) and reports to the Air Operations Branch Director ASGS; Air Support ____ Supervisor.

19 Inclusive term applied to equipment designed to ignite wildland fuels from an aircraft, AID; Aerial ____ Device

21 CISD; Critical Incident ____ Debriefing is the process in which teams of professional and peer counselors provide emotional and psychological support to incident personnel involved in a critical incident.

Caroline M. Schloss is a current member of the Knotts Island Volunteer Fire Dept., Currituck County Fire/EMS, Virginia Beach CERT VA., Currituck County CERT, National Association of Search and Rescue, Project Lifesaver VA.

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