Crossword Puzzle – 04/14/20




Flat, or _____ files are 10-inch and 12-inch files that come in handy for sharpening tools and can be carried in web gear.

Partition placed in vehicular or aircraft water tanks to reduce shifting of the water load when starting, stopping, or turning.

 7 Incident Safety Officer (abbr) 

Firefighters classify fires from A to G; a Class C fire is 10 to 99.9 _____.   10 A sock liner or a lighter sock under a heavier sock are often called               socks and are specifically designed to transfer moisture away from your feet and into your outer sock

A fire ____ is designed to be unrolled to reflect radiant heat from operators or crew members on some apparatus, bulldozers, or tractor-plows; an aluminized device on a rod.

Powdery residue left when organic material is burned completely or is oxidized by chemical means.

A Dozer ____ is any ground vehicle (service unit) with personnel capable of maintenance, minor repairs, and limited fueling of bulldozers.

Heat Release Rate (abbr)

The Incident _____ is the person in charge of and responsible for the management of all incident operations.

In PPE, boot laces should be made of _____ to ensure they can withstand the same conditions as the rest of the boot.

If a tree trunk measured at breast height is 20 inches (508 mm) or more in diameter, it is considered a _____ tree.

It is not uncommon for firefighters to sweat out as much as one ____ of water per hour over a 12-hour work shift and as a precaution should drink one quart of water every hour.

Boots should measure at least ____ inches from the bottom of the heel to the top.


Diameter at Breast Height (abbr)

In ICS it is easier to supervise subordinates who are all performing the same or similar functions; this is known as Similarity of   

A Brush ____ is a heavy cutting tool designed primarily to cut brush at the base of the stem; used in much the same way as an axe; has a wide blade generally curved to protect the blade from being dulled by rocks.

National Fire Danger Rating System (abbr)

A fire-suppression tool consisting of a flap of belting fabric fastened to a long handle used in direct attack for beating out flames along a fire edge is known as a fire ____.

Carbonaceous material formed mainly on the surface of organic matter, commonly wood, that has not burned completely; the solid remains of burned organic material.

An ____ Line is a fireline below a fire burning on a slope; trenched to catch rolling material; also called an Underslung Line.

The outer surfaces of the personal protective clothing are made to withstand moderate levels of ____heat.

In unified command there is a single incident command post and a single operations _____ at any given time.

Don’t wear synthetic fibers that are not flame/heat-resistant because they may _____ when exposed to heat.

Precipitation that evaporates before reaching the ground.

Incident Response Pocket Guide (abbr)

Boot should be have a heel of not less than 1/2 inch, while soles should be heavy with deep tread; either ripple, flat or _____.

Caroline M. Schloss is a current member of the Knotts Island Volunteer Fire Dept., Currituck County Fire/EMS, Virginia Beach CERT VA., Currituck County CERT, National Association of Search and Rescue, Project Lifesaver VA.

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