CROSSWORD ! – 11/04/18

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2 Detection Systems are designed to respond and transmit ___ through electrical impulses, pneumatic pressure changes, hydraulic changes or mechanical activation

6 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care model is broken down into three distinct phases of care: Direct Threat Care (IDC), ___ Threat Care (ITC), and Evacuation Care (TACEVAC)

8 Many EMS units have developed and are now equipped with shooting and ___ bags (SAS) that carry an initial cache of necessary medical supplies

13 When the number of radios on the fireground increases, there is an increased potential for radio ___ which has to be managed with strict discipline SOGs and practices

14 Hydrocarbons can be aliphatic, ___ or halogenated


15 Kerosene, paint thinner, and lamp oil are extremely toxic to ___ tissue, particularly the type II alveolar pneumocytes that create surfactant.

17 In 2009, there were an estimated 15,100 ___ involving fire department emergency vehicles, while departments were responding to or returning from incidents (NFPA)

18 Wireless monitoring systems are commonly used in responses to hazardous materials ___ or leaks

20 Immediately dangerous to life or health (abbr)

21 Heat ___ is a potentially life threatening condition, diagnosed by a core temperature greater than 105°F

23 Common locations for SRS airbag inflators are the “A”, “C”, or “D” ___, lower dashboard area, the roofline above the rear window, and the roofline parallel the vehicle

25 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (abbr)

26 ___ Aid can be defined, simply, as reciprocal aid and  cooperation among organizations and agencies

28 There are at least ___ recognized fire flow calculation formulas in use in the United States today

32 The NFPA issues an alarm standard called “NFPA 72 – The National Fire Alarm Code” that dictates requirements for all types of ___

33 Negligence is defined as a ___ to act as an ordinary, prudent and reasonable person would act under like circumstances

35 During deflagration explosion the speed is ___, and the damage occurs more from the burning of the material itself

36 Public Information Officer (abbr)

39 When leaving a station on call all members should mount the apparatus quickly, be seated and ___ before the apparatus moves

40 In oxygen-limiting silo fires, the hatches should not be closed until smoke and/or steam is not visible for several ___, even then they should not be latched

41 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (abbr)

43 Lower Explosive Limits (abbr)

45 There are four classes of blast injuries: primary, secondary, ___ and quaternary

47 Dollhouse fire training props are disposal ___ boxes constructed of one, two, or multiple compartment boxes that enable the instructor to discuss various types of flow paths

48 DOT Hazard Class 5 contains ___ materials including solids and liquids, but not gases which are placarded in Class 2

49 Emergency Response Guidebook (abbr)

50 There are basically two types of upright silos: conventional silos and oxygen-limiting or “___” silos, both of which can be dangerous


1 In detonation, the combustion event occurs at supersonic speeds; this pushes a pressure ___ in front of the combustion

3 Personal Alert Safety System (abbr)

4 In a BMW, when the frontal airbag deploys, a small explosive charge will disconnect the ___ battery cable from the vehicle

5 The Emergency Response Guidebook is used for rapid identification of a ___ material through placards, proper shipping names found on containers or shipping papers or four-digit United Nations Identification (UNID) numbers

7 Heat cramps originate most commonly in the ___ muscles and are identified by involuntary muscle contractions, afte physical activity

9 Step 6 in the Modified Dash Lift by tasks is to Displace ___ Panel

10 Volatile Organic Compounds (abbr)

11 The Pet Oxygen Kit provides specially designed animal oxygen ___ used to resuscitate pets after they have suffered from smoke inhalation

12 The National Fire Academy formula of ___ x width/100 equals needed GPM is a good fireground formula to determine GPM to flow and extinguish fires

13 The three most preventable causes of death from trauma are extremity hemorrhage, ___ pneumothorax and airway obstruction

16 An emergency manager’s goal is to generate 100 percent ___ among the community for receiving real-time messages in emergency situations

19 Secure Isolate Manage Protect Look Extricate (abbr)

22 The DOT Hazard Class 1 contains ___, whether materials or devices

24 In the Ten Commandments for Public Safety Educators, #9 reinds us that ‘Thou shall cherish a sense of ___ which may save you from becoming shocked, depressed, or complacent’

27 Safety Restraint System (abbr)

29 Recent statistics show that for every 40 fire responses and 1,217 non-fire responses there is a reported firefighter ___

30 It can take a huge amount of cribbing to properly stabilize a large truck due to size and weight; that is why stabilization ___ may do a much better job in some particular cases

31 Hybrid vehicles have a ready mode, or what is commoonly called “___ mode” which give it the appearance of being turned off

34 Emergencies in hoarding conditions should be identified, ___ for, and then attacked with different approaches by all first responders

36 Electronic pre-plans are more efficient and dependable than ___ pre-plans

37 There are two types of explosions, ___ and deflagration

38 The Trendelenburg ___ was originally used to improve surgical exposure of the pelvic organs, and later used as a treatment for shock not backed by scientific evidence

42 The basic components of a detection system involve the detectors themselves, initiating ___ and a receiving element

44 Trucks pose a unique situation when it comes to stabilizing because of their height in relation to ___

46 All gaseous hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons can serve as simple asphyxiants, displacing ___ from the environment

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