CROSSWORD! – 04/11/19

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6  Gamma radiation is not particulate in nature but rather travels as a _______ much like x-rays

8  All gases can be divided into four basic categories: flammable, non-flammable, _______ and poisonous.

10  Project _______ is an unfunded mandate that requires schools to meet safety and security obligations by having written documentation of floor plans, emergency management plans and safety drills.

11  In Hazardous Materials the term Flammable _______ is the area. between the Lower Flammable Limit (LFL) and the Upper Flammable Limit (UFL).

12  Search and Rescue Operation Plans are designed to cover the necessary _______ and procedures rescuers should follow under most anticipated rescues.

15  “Crumple _______” slow automotive crash events and absorb crash energy before it gets to the occupant, the front and rear end subassemblies by design have pre-engineering areas that will readily crumble or deform during a severe crash.

17  Vehicles that use LPG, CNG, Hydrogen fuel cells, or electricity are also known as _______ fuel vehicles.

19  The Department of Transportation’s Hazard Class Two contains all of the _______.

21  Patients who receive ketamine for excited delirium require close observation, including cardiac monitoring, BP, and continuous ______.

23  National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (abbr).

24  Roentgen Equivalent Man (abbr).

25  Rope for Fire Service Rescue has three basic designs for its _____ “mantle”: 16-strand, 32-strand or 48-strand.

26  One thing we must do is remember that as public servants we voluntarily gave up some of our freedom and must maintain public _______.



Alpha and beta radiation is of a particulate nature; alpha particles are heavy particles that travel only four to seven _______ and can be blocked by clothing, paper or skin.

CPM; counts per _______.

OEM; _______ Equipment Manufacturer.

Radioactive labels exist in three main categories entitled Radioactive I, Radioactive II, or Radioactive III; all _______ for Radioactive I; and yellow over white for Radioactive II and III.

The primary hazard in dealing with any gas is a BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding _______ Explosion).

Ketamine is a drug that has been around since 1966, is related to PCP and produces a disassociated state; one of the good characteristics of ketamine is that it can produce rapid _______.

In North Carolina, all water dams fall under the _______ classifications: Class A, B, or C.

13  Department of Transportation (abbr)

14  Two of the most important components of any earthen dam are the core and the core _______ trench (2wds)

16  SAR Operational Plan (abbr)

18  The primary purpose of a detection system is to _______ people in a building to respond to a possible fire situation through a visual and audible signal, and alert the fire department for response.

20  Some vehicles have “_______ keys” that will allow the driver to start the car from 15 to 20 feet away; with hybrid/electric vehicles make sure to take the key out of the hot zone.

22  The Vapor Density of regular air at sea level is _______, thus gas with a Vapor Density greater than _______ will be heavier than air and will sink to low lying areas such as basements, sewers or storm drains.

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