Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department

Department Name: Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

County: Wilson

Type Department: Volunteer

Structure: Our service area includes the municipality of Lucama as well a rural district in our coverage area.


Chief David Johnson, Crossroad Volunteer Fire Department.

ISO: 5/9

Number of Stations: 1

Number of Apparatus: Pumpers: 3, Heavy Rescue: 1, Brush Truck: 1, Specialty: 1

Do you provide EMS? Yes

What type: FR/Medical Responder

Specialty Operations: Medical Responder and Vehicle Extrication

Annual Budget: $162,000 for town and county districts combined.

Area Covered Square miles: 27.89 square miles

Population: 3500

Total Runs: 329 Fire: 177 EMS: 152

Chief: David Johnson

Chief Officers: Asst. Chief Jeff Johnson (Clerical), Asst. Chief Matthew Barnes (Operations)

Other Officers: Captain Neal Barnes (Treasurer), Captain Brian Cooke (Training Officer), Captain Justin Parrish (EMS), Lieutenant Ricky Lamm (Line Officer/Equipment), Lieutenant Brandon Crumpler (Line Officer/Equipment), Safety Officer Bo Cooke

Number of Members: 30

Paid 0: Volunteer: 30

Address: 102 East Groves Street, Lucama, N.C. 27851


Phone: 252-239-0467

Community Outreach: Our department provides fire prevention education for our local elementary school during fire prevention week. We also provide smoke detectors to any residents in our fire district who do not currently have working detectors in place in their residence. We also offer a junior firefighter program for age 14-16 for those wishing to pursue a career in fire fighting. This helps to introduce them to training requirements and the general operation of the fire service.

Top Two concerns in your community: The primary concern currently in our community is the search for volunteer members who are willing to obtain the necessary training required to function as a firefighter.  Another major concern is the current state of our counties ageing radio system which will need replacing soon by a more up to date system.

What are your fund raising efforts?  The only fund raising we currently do is a yearly picture sales drive conducted by our ladies auxiliary to help offset the cost of purchasing new equipment for the department.

What upgrades will you make in your department this year? Our primary upgrade for this year is placing a new Rosenbauer pumper/tanker in service.

What special hazards or unique businesses in your community? The primary special hazard in our district is having a CSX railroad primary north/south rail line running through the center of our district. This rail line has approximately 46 trains passing through our district daily carrying a wide variety of hazardous materials. We also have several highways and interstates in our district which has approximately 10,000 vehicles traveling them daily carrying multiple types of cargo.

What problems in your department that you would like feedback from others? Volunteer recruitment and retention of current members.

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