Colleton County Fire-Rescue

Department Name: Colleton County Fire-Rescue

County: Colleton County, South Carolina

Type Department: Combination/ All Hazards

Structure: Public Service District covering unincorporated areas of the county and four municipalities. Governed by a five member Fire-Rescue Commission who reports to the County Council.


ISO: 3

Number of Stations:34

Number of Apparatus:

Pumpers: 37  Aerials: 2

Specialty: Heavy Rescue 2

Ambulances: 13

Tenders/Tankers: 3000 gallon 37

Brush Trucks: 7

Squads/Service Trucks: 4

HazMat Trucks: 2     Boat: 1

Other: 22

Do you provide EMS? Yes

What type: BLS   ALS   FR / ALS-Paramedic Level EMS Transport

Specialty Operations: HazMat, Rescue, Vehicle Extrication, High and Low Angle Rescue, Trench Rescue, Water Rescue/Recovery (Dive Team), Tactical Medics, Public Education/Prevention

Annual Budget: $9,200,000

Area Covered Square miles: 1132

Population: 39,000

Total Runs: Fire: 1641  EMS: 5998

Chief: Barry McRoy

Chief Barry McRoy

Chief Officers: Dr. David Greene, Deputy Chief; Marty Stallings, Asst. Chief; Joseph Campbell, Battalion Chief (CMO); Scott Feather, Battalion Chief; Richard Sheffield, Battalion Chief; Brent Dalton, Battalion Chief; Ben Heape, Battalion Chief and Scott O’Quinn, Battalion Chief.

Other Officers: Michael Banks, Captain; Bryon Eadon, Captain; Chris Jones, Captain; Brian Rowe, Captain; John Schneider, Captain; Stephen Bellew, Captain; Benjamin Rice, Captain; Tony Golovan, Captain; Blaine Harrison, Captain; Gary Nahrstedt, Captain; Roger Johnston, Captain; Justin Warko, Captain; Matt Parler, Captain; Mike Rohaus, Captain; Shane Ruston, Captain; Scott Ulmer, Captain; Richard Breland, Captain; Josh Thomas, Captain; Richard Woods Jr, Captain; John Graham, Captain; Louis Guess, Captain; Dewayne Jacques, Captain; Ethan Shieder, Captain; Sam Pinckney, Captain; Matthew Owen Williams Jr., Captain; Lew McGraw, Captain; Doug Mixson Jr., Captain; Janet Laney, Lieutenant; Ray Delonge, Lieutenant; Tim Kinard, Lieutenant; Brian Drew, Lieutenant; David Sauls, Lieutenant; James Jacques, Lieutenant; Gene Brown, Lieutenant; Eric Polk, Lieutenant; Rodney Murdaugh, Lieutenant; Chris Gooding, Lieutenant and Doug Mixson Sr., Lieutenant.

Number of Members: Paid: 81

Volunteer: 150

Address: 113 Mable T. Willis Blvd, Walterboro, S.C. 29488


Phone: (843) 539-1960

Community Outreach: Free  Smoke Detector installs, Public Education, Medical Standbys for events, Emergency Lockouts, Lifting Assistance Response, Home Inspections, Explorer Program.

What are your fund-raising events? Raise funds for the Carolina Children’s Charity and the MUSC (Medical University of S.C.) Burned Children’s Fund. 

What upgrades will you make in your department this year? Replace older turnout gear. Add new Video Intubation Equipment to ambulances. Added second HazMat Truck to Fleet.

What special hazards or unique businesses in your community?  Large chemical facility in the southern portion of the county. A large SCE&G gas line runs through the middle of the county. A large tire warehouse is located in one industrial park. Several waste management companies are located in the county. Agriculture (farming) is a large industry with specialized chemicals stored on site at several locations. The county is located on the Atlantic coast and surrounded on three sides by water.

What problems in your department that you would like feedback from others? Volunteer recruitment and retention.

Accomplishments you are proud of and would like the readers to know about.

Dr. David Greene while obtaining his EFO, did an applied research project on “Division of Labor on Incidents for Colleton County.” Colleton County Fire-Rescue implemented this program on our fireground, which has drastically increased our accountability.

The Department reduced the county wide ISO Rating to Class 3 this year.

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