City of Goose Creek Fire Department

Department Name: City of Goose Creek Fire Department

County: Berkeley

Type Department: Career/Paid

Structure: Municipal Government

ISO: Class 2

Number of Stations: 3


Number of Apparatus: Pumpers: 3, Aerials: 2, Specialty: 2

Do you provide EMS? Yes

What type BLS, ALS, FR, Full ALS Transport

Specialty Operations: Auto Extrication

Annual Budget: $5.2 Million

Area Covered Square miles: 40

Population: 42,039

Total Runs: 6,781, Fire: 3370,

EMS: 3,411

Chief: Steve Chapman

Chief Officers: Norman Cutshall Assistant Fire Chief, Jared Harris Battalion Chief of EMS

Other Officers: Nine Captains

Number of Members: 62 Paid: 62

Volunteer: 0

Address: 201 Button Hall Ave., Goose Creek, S.C. 29445


Phone: 843-553-8350

Community Outreach:

  • Fire prevention education to school aged children
  • Fire and Life safety standbys at community festivals and events
  • After the Fire program where a two-block radius around a fire is canvased and home safety inspection and smoke detector checks are performed. We provide free smoke detectors to any home that does not have them.

Top Two concerns in your community:

Growth in a changing community; Goose Creek is changing from a rural small town to a vibrant suburban community that seamlessly blends into North Charleston and Charleston. This growth affects everything we do, the number of calls we run, the types of calls and fire we have, staffing, budgeting, apparatus and equipment replacement etc.  Another top concern is attracting and retaining top tier personnel in a competitive market with plenty of job opportunities. We are not only competing with larger departments but with many of the dynamic industries that the Charleston region has attracted. 

What upgrades will you make in your department this year? 

This year we added a Battalion Chief of EMS to manage our EMS program. We have been a true fire and EMS department since the late eighties running an ALS Transport ambulance and having ALS Engine companies. With the growth in our community it has become a huge part of what we do.  With constantly changing regulations and patient care science the need for dedicated management was crucial to our continued success.  

Special hazards or unique businesses in your community? 

Because of the growth in the Charleston region and the City of Goose Creek our target hazards are dramatically changing.  We are transitioning from a small-town fire department that experienced fires in small single family homes to a department that covers very large single family homes, large multifamily apartments, big box stores, blossoming commercial areas and large office buildings.  Roper St. Frances Healthcare is building a three-story full service hospital in the City of Goose Creek that will eventually be expanded to five stories.  The growth of associated medical facilities and doctors’ offices around the site is already being felt. 

What feedback do you need? 

We reach out to our friends, neighbors and colleagues for advice and their experiences in just about everything we do. Currently we are working on developing a data driven major apparatus replacement plan and schedule. We would love to hear from departments that have done the same. 

What makes you proud?

Recently we instituted a new compensation plan to help our recruitment and retention. The plan is based on experience and internationally accredited certifications and has levels and incentives built in for retention.

We are in the beginning phases of planning for our fourth fire station. We will be designing and purchasing a new pumper specifically for that area and anticipate adding 12 firefighter positions in 2021-2022.

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