Charleston Fire Department

Charleston Fire Department

Department Name: Charleston Fire Department       

County: Charleston and Berkeley

Type Department: Career

ISO: 1/1X

Do you provide EMS? Yes

What type: BLS, ALS, FR

Annual Budget: 39 million


Fire Chief Dan Curia

Chief: Fire Chief Dan Curia

Chief Officers:

  • Deputy Chief of Operations – Forrest Cockcroft
  • Deputy Chief of Planning and Professional Standards – Jason Krusen
  • Chief Fire Marshal – Michael Julazadeh
  • Assistant Chief of Training – Robert Baldwin
  • Assistant Chief of Special Operations – Kenny Jenkins
  • Assistant Chief of Administration and Planning – Marlene Kostyrka
  • Assistant Chief of Technical Service – Joey Roberts

Number of Members: 400

Address: 1451 King Street Extension          


What upgrades will you make in your department this year?

We continue to focus on maintaining an apparatus replacement and will be nearing completion of Station 11, which is replacing an existing station and will be adjacent to the Charleston 9 Memorial Park.

What special hazards or unique businesses is in your community?

The Charleston Fire Department provides protection for a variety of hazards in the community. The business community includes a mix of industry, tech, manufacturing and retail centered around a busy port operation. Nearly seven million tourists visit the vibrant historic community each year.


We were one of 57 agencies selected for the Fire Safe SC Safe Communities award. Our department is internationally accredited and ISO Class 1. 


The Charleston Fire Department protects and serves our community through professional delivery of prevention, outreach and emergency response services.


As the Charleston Fire Department strives to maintain a reputation of exceptional delivery, it is our vision that by 2021 we shall be widely known for Service, Commitment, Community, Integrity and Professionalism in the provision of world-class service during a time of transition and transformation.


  • Emergency Response: Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Technician First Responder Service, Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, Marine Firefighting
  • Fire Prevention: Safety Inspections, Public Education, Fire Investigations, Construction Plan Review and Permitting, Pre-fire Planning

Community Programs

  • Smoke Alarm Program: Free installation of smoke alarms and batteries throughout the community
  • Public Education: Fire and life safety programs for all ages
  • Neighborhood Canvassing: After a residential fire incident, personnel return to the neighborhood to provide educational materials and check smoke alarms.

The Charleston Fire Department (CFD) provides fire suppression, emergency medical first response, technical search and rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, marine firefighting, fire inspection, fire investigation and community risk reduction education for the City of Charleston. We provide services to approximately 140,000 citizens, and over seven million visitors per year, across the 134 square miles of the city. The fire chief oversees 400 uniformed and non-uniformed personnel who respond to over 19,000 calls for service each year. The workforce is comprised of multiple divisions that work together to improve safety in the community.

Fire and Emergency Operations members comprise the largest number of employees and includes Operations, Special Operations and Training. Operations provides the daily emergency services to our citizens, businesses and visitors and oversees multiple special teams. The 17 stations house 17 Engine Companies, 4 Truck/Ladder companies, 1 Heavy Rescue Company, 2 Brush Units, 1 HazMat Unit, 1 Squad, and 1 Tender divided into four battalions. Each Engine, Ladder, and Rescue is staffed with four personnel.

Training is responsible for educating new and existing members, ensuring compliance with required training, and conducting a comprehensive recruit program. 

Fire Marshal Division members strive to preserve life and property through community safety education, effective fire inspections, detailed fire plan reviews and comprehensive fire investigations. Each of these elements are critical in order for the department to expand its community risk reduction mission and promote preventative strategies. The Fire Marshal Division’s community risk reduction strategies promote firefighter, citizen, and community safety while preserving our historic community.  

Planning and Professional Development is responsible for providing overall support services to the department and includes Planning and Administration, Professional Services, and Technical Services. Administration and Planning support daily functions, monitor the budget, and help plan the departments future. Professional Services handles recruitment and professional development. Technical Services includes Logistics coordinates supplies, uniforms and equipment distribution for the agency, as well as Fleet maintenance to service and maintain our apparatus and vehicles.

The Charleston Fire Department continues to evolve to ensure the highest degree of service to our community and the most effective level of protection for our unique jurisdiction.

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