Charleston 9 Memorial Site: Remembering Our Fallen

On June 18, 2007 the Charleston Fire Department lost nine of its own in the Sofa Super Store fire. This had been the single deadliest fire incident since 9/11 where immediately after, the families, Charleston firefighters, citizens, and the fire service mourned. The Charleston Fire Department would never be the same and committing to never allowing this to happen again, epic changes ensued and to this day continue. We also believe the fire service has changed because of the fire and we pray that it’s never repeated.


Help make the Charleston 9 Memorial Site beautiful by purchasing a personalized brick.

According to The Post and Courier, on April 23, 2008 after 90 minutes of debate and objections to the cost voiced by several council members, Charleston City Council agreed to purchase the site for $1.85 million dollars.  Mayor Riley called the site of the disastrous June 18th fire “sacred ground,” and when it meant the most, our city council stepped up in the face of opposition and did the right thing. The memorial site was constructed and markers were placed where each of the firefighters were found. Currently the site consists of the markers, a flagpole and some landscaping.

Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club Station 28-Charleston is working to take the memorial to the next level and is asking for your support. There is a path way from the parking lot to the flag pole that guides visitors to the center of the memorial. Currently the pathway is gravel crush and the project is to replace it with engraved bricks. It’s estimated there is a need for 10,000 bricks to cover the area and it is the hope that you’ll support these efforts, place you name in sacred ground and forever remember the Charleston 9. With your contribution, you will transform the Charleston 9 Memorial into a place of honor for the fallen, peace for the families and respect for all who visit.

The Charleston 9 will always be near and dear to the members of the Charleston Fire Department and the citizens of Charleston. With your help, they’ll know we haven’t forgotten that they made the ultimate sacrifice.

Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club is selling 4×8 bricks with three lines and 18 characters per line for $100, 8×8 bricks with six lines and 18 characters per line for $150. They are also selling donor bricks. Help make the Charleston 9 Memorial Site beautiful by purchasing a personalized brick.

Contact Corey Hanson at or call 843-609-5564.

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