Changes to Be Celebrated

The most rewarding aspect of my job is when the light bulb goes off for someone and they make changes that improve the quality of their lives. Marshall Morehead from Walterboro City Fire is one of those people. Here is a summary of his improvements due to lifestyle changes including diet and High Intensity Interval Training


Morehead sent the information below to share his program.

“I started our program in mid-December, and the rest of my team joined me at the start of the new year. I weighed in at 262 pounds and that was what prompted the desire for change. I have always been ‘a good-sized boy’ but athletic (playing all manner of sports for the majority of my life) but never reached 260. Realizing at 44 that working out, alone, was not enough, I researched several eating options and decided to try intermittent fasting. My version started the night before, with ending any caloric intake at 2000 hours. I would start my day with two cups of water (immediately) and follow shortly after with a cup of black coffee. During the day I would sip a mixture of Apple cider vinegar, lime juice, cream of tartar, sea salt and cayenne pepper. I broke my fast with bone broth about 10 minutes prior to my first meal (usually at 1400 hours). I did not really change what I ate after my fast was broken. That will probably be something that will be added in the next upgrade.

“As for the workout portion, it was as follows. Every third day.”

  • Super-set two sets of 12/15 reps of each of the following with 1min of jump rope in between with 30sec rest.
  • Goblet squat/Farmers carry
  • Bent leg dead-lift/Shrug
  • Heavy KB swing/Upright row
  • Power cleans/Overhead press
  • Focus mitts L&R side 20reps
  • Four count striking drill: Lead jab, reverse punch, lead uppercut, rear uppercut
  • Six count striking drill: Lead jab, reverse punch, lead uppercut, rear uppercut, lead hook, reverse hook
  • Four count striking drill: Lead jab, reverse punch, rear knee strike, lead jab
  • Heavy bag two sets of 1min rounds
  • Yoga style sun salutation stretch

“I’m fortunate to work with a great group of guys, who value the importance of hard work and physical fitness. We have found the focus mitt portion of the workout to be the most enjoyable. The comment I hear the most is ‘this doesn’t even feel like cardio, because it’s fun.’ I have always had my sights set on one of those T-shirts, but up until this year my reach has exceeded my grasp. We hope to add to our gains, or losses, as it were, and continue to improve our overall fitness level. Everyone has redoubled their efforts, and we are looking forward to a clean sweep (of shirts) next year.”

Bottom line is you can do this also. Get started today.

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