Camden Fire Department

Department Name: Camden Fire Department

County: Kershaw 

Structure: Brick Type 2

ISO: 3

Number of Stations: 2

Number of Apparatus: 7

Pumpers: 4 Aerials: 1 Specialty: 2


Chief John Bowers

Do you provide EMS? Yes

What type: FR

Specialty Operations: Confined Space, HazMat, Swift Water, Dive, Trench, and Building Collapse

Annual Budget: 2 Million

Area Covered Square miles: 50

Population: 20,000

Total Runs: 1000

Fire: 450 EMS: 550  

Chief: John Bowers

Chief Officers: Deputy Chief Phil Elliott, Assistant Chief/Fire Prevention Officer Eddie Gardner, Battalion Chief Chris Tidwell

Other Officers: 3 Captains,
3 Lieutenants, 3 Relief Lieutenants

Number of Members: 45

Paid: 29 Volunteer: 16   

Address: 1000 Lyttleton St.


Phone: 803-425-6040

Community Outreach:

Smoke Detectors programs since 1986 where we provide, install,and maintain smoke alarms.

We’ve had an award winning characterization program since 1993 that includes clowns, music, magic, puppets and audience participation to provide fire and life safety presentations to our citizens and neighboring communities.

Provide hands on fire extinguisher classes to all adults in our community.

We host our Annual Firefest event which serves as a kick off to fire prevention, including a live side x side burn showing the importance of residential sprinklers and letting the community meet the firefighters. Annual attendance is 3000 plus.

Top Two concerns in your community: Fire and Life Safety, Quality Service.

What are you doing for fundraising?  We are mainly a tax supported department, but we actively seek grant opportunities to better serve our community.

What upgrades will you make in your department this year? Continue and improve our training program with our staff. Upgrading our inspection program and enhancing our explorer program.

What special hazards or unique businesses in your community? Old Cotton Mills still in operation and Historical Downtown buildings being renovated into new commercial properties.

What problems in your department that you would like feedback from others? Recruitment, maintaining staffing and volunteer involvement.

What makes your department standout?

Our department is a very proactive department and a leader in fire and life safety education.  We are currently working with the school district to build on our existing fire program at our Career and Technology Campus (High School). This will greatly help in recruitment and providing all community fire departments with a trained resource pool to choose from.

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