Asheville Fire Department

Department Name: Asheville Fire Department

County: Buncombe

Type Department: Fire and Rescue

ISO: 2

Number of Stations: 12


Chief Scott Burnette

Number of Apparatus: Pumpers: 9 Aerials: 5 Specialty: 3

Do you provide EMS? Yes

What type: AEMT First Responder

Specialty Operations: Hazmat, Rescue, RIT, Wildland

Annual Budget: $26 Million

Area Covered Square miles: 45

Population: 93,000

Total Runs: 21,000 Fire: 10,500 EMS: 10,500

Chief: Scott Burnette

Chief Officers: Deputy Chief Chris Budzinski, Assistant Chief Barry Hendren, Assistant Chief Michael Coggins. 7 Division Chiefs 9 Battalion Chiefs

Other Officers: 49

Number of Members: Paid: 286 Volunteer: 0

Address: 100 Court Plaza Asheville, NC 28801


Phone: 828-259-5636

Community Outreach: External engagement at all levels in order to meet the community where they are at. Three full time firefighters who are dedicated to education, communication,and engagement.

Top Two concerns in your community: Challenging topography, historic architecture and infrastructure.

What upgrades will you make in your department this year? Firefighter pay increases, new Fire Station 13, upgrades to several fire stations, 2 new engines, and a new tractor drawn rescue truck.

What special hazards or unique businesses in your community? Much of our downtown was built in the 1920s. This beautiful architecture has been well preserved, creating challenges for our firefighters operating within these 100-year-old buildings. We also protect the Biltmore House, the largest privately owned residence in the U.S.

What problems in your department that you would like feedback from others? How to improve internal and external communication.

What are some good things happening in your department.

AFD has been leaders in preventing, identifying, and treating PTSD among our firefighters. Over the past 10 years, AFD has developed a multi-component model with many initiatives led by their firefighters. (To read more visit

AFD has taken many steps to increase cancer prevention and will continue to do more based on updated research. Steps include use of plymovents, providing two sets of gear, extractors at each station, fireground decon, annual physicals, increased air monitoring at a fire,and more.

AFD has a team which is focused on how to improve systemic equity and inclusion. There are four focus areas: Hiring and Promotions, Community engagement, Culture, and Contracting and Purchasing.

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