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Sharing Hope in Crisis

Nice, France: A Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplain, clad in the ministry’s signature blue shirt, approached a woman who was visibly distraught, clutching a

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Navassa Volunteer Fire Department

FIRE STATION PROFILE Navassa Volunteer Fire Department Department Name: Navassa Volunteer Fire Department County: Brunswick Fire Chief Donny Williams Type Department: Combination Structure: Non Profit Corporation ISO: 5

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New Hazards

I am writing this several days after the attack on the Dallas Police Department. It is a sad state of affairs when first responders who

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I am fairly new to the EVT vocation, but have over 30 years of experience in the automotive repair field. While pump testing recently, I

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Rainbow Stew

With national elections on the horizon, we are constantly bombarded by each candidate’s economic quick-fix version which usually only serves to raise the debt ceiling

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The Other Guys:

This issue will conclude our series pertaining to highway transportation tank trailers — in which we have previously covered the ’06 series non-pressure tank trailers,

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Air Monitoring

(This is part two of a two part series.) This article is designed for regular firefighters. And as we will see, you really are involved

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Midway Fire Rescue

FIRE STATION PROFILE Midway Fire Rescue Department Name: Midway Fire Rescue County: Georgetown Type Department: Combination Structure: Municipal/County Fire District ISO: 2 Number of Stations: 3 Number of Apparatus: Pumpers: 5 Aerials:

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Mass Violence Incidents

Given the recent violence against the blue team (law enforcement), it has become necessary to revisit operations at incidents where mass violence has occurred. It

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Living the Dream

Thirty-four years ago as an Auxiliary Firefighter for the Columbus (Ohio) Division of Fire, I climbed aboard a fire engine for the first time. It

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It is that time of year when people will inevitably go to look at these powerful natural features, to awe at their beauty, to photograph

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