CFJ Vol. 26.1 (Summer 2011)

Generational wealth of leadership in fire service

There is an old Scottish proverb that states “The grandfather buys, the father builds, the son sells, and the grandchild begs.” This proverb is of course referring to the cycle of generational wealth. It means that the first generation invests and sacrifices to obtain the object that will generate wealth. The second generation lives through the sacrifices, and is usually committed to continue building the wealth by operating and maintaining whatever it may be that is generating the wealth. The second generation does this because they have witnessed firsthand what it took to obtain whatever it is that is producing the wealth. The third generation did not see the sacrifices that took place to start and build the system. Often times the third generation takes the wealth for granted. It is common for the third generation to sell whatever the wealth producer happens to be and spend freely the wealth that has been created, never thinking of what they will do when the wealth is gone. The fourth generation is left with nothing, and is left to beg. The cycle then starts over and the offspring of the fourth generation are again buyers. They will start the process again because they do not want the next generation to suffer like they have had to do.

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Re-tone the volleys: Volunteer firefighters

Anyone wonder where our volunteer forces have gone lately? There is a myth in the American fire service that our volunteer forces are dwindling at an alarming pace. While there has been a marked decline in numbers of volunteers across all sorts of areas — churches, youth sports, school groups, etc. — it appears that the alarmists in the fire service have tried to convince us that we have an epidemic shortage of volunteers.

According to the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC), there are 1.1 million firefighters in America: 800,000 of those (71 percent) are volunteers. In 2009, over half of the line of duty deaths (LODD) were volunteers. Of the 30,165 fire departments in the country, only 2,457 are served by career only firefighters. Over 20,000 (two-thirds) of American fire departments are all volunteer. The American volunteer fire service is alive and well. Read More »

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Nash Community College - NC Firefighter Academy

The Nash Community College NC Fire Recruit class of 2011, finished 16 weeks of grueling fire and rescue training ending with a live burn in an acquired structure. With the completion of the academy the recruits will take their place among a proud group of graduates from the Nash Community College (NCC) Recruit Firefighter Academy. Previous graduates of the NCC Recruit Firefighter Academy are currently employed by the City of Rocky Mount NC FD., Greenville Fire and Rescue, Nashville Fire and Rescue and Tarboro FD.

Seventeen students participated in the live burn. Fifteen recruits that did not possess a NC EMT certification will now proceed through another six weeks of EMS training to receive their NC EMT-Basic certification.

Story by John Winstead  NCCFA.  Photos by Bob Bartosz, RMFD


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Hooks and hoses — let’s work together on firefighting

So you want to be a truckie, or even a nozzleman? Assuming these roles takes tremendous knowledge of the responsibilities and expectations to be performed which should not be taken lightly. These positions will make or break a good offensive fire attack.

These positions are the workhouses of the fireground and one does not perform or work efficiently without the other. For the moment, let’s try to put aside our egos and focus upon the task at hand of getting the wet stuff on the red stuff. Following two large scale incidents in my first due area in recent months, I have had time to reflect upon some of our successes and our shortcomings of two identical fires involving multi-family occupancies, or large scale residences.

I started my career assigned to several active engine companies and worked with some great officers and firefighters throughout my tenure. I became a truckie after making captain, and enjoy the challenges of truck and rescue work. But, in my 30 plus years within the fire service, I have grown frustrated at the reality of having lots of nozzlemen and hose jockeys, but few ceiling pullers — and the lack of coordination between the two functions.


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Ask Ernie - Our ... Fire Apparatus Go To Guy

Should pump transmission fluid be changed every six months in a reserve engine as in the busy rigs?

 Commonly, we utilize the manufacturer’s recommended procedures.  Every six months is overkill to the old seasoned EVT unless you have issues with high humidity that indicates a need to change more often.  If the pumps are run for long periods of time, the heat generated in the gearcase will cook off moisture in the pump transmission.  If water from the firefighting pump is entering the pump transmission, corrective action MUST be taken to prevent further intrusion of water into the gearcase.  Utilizing spectrochemical analysis of the gear oil on an annual basis has lead to oils going out to 5 years with no issues.  Synthetic gear oils are recommended. 

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Your Job as a Fire Service Leader is to Learn What People Value

It’s that time of year! The fields are all planted and the flowers are blooming. The crops are growing and we spend time pulling weeds, making sure they get plenty of water but beyond simple maintenance, things should be flowing. We have all shaken off our winter doldrums and the good ole juices are getting us excited about new projects; things we want to improve and change, as well as new ways of looking at existing things around the farm. Summer is coming in about a month with its heat and humidity. For me the spring and fall are the best two times of the year when you are on a farm. All kind of things are growing and you have a fresh view of life. Read More »

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Wildland Fires - Be Prepared for Your Firestorm

I currently work in a jurisdiction responsible for over 1,100 square miles and a population of just over 40,000 people. It is interesting to note that the entire population of this jurisdiction can be placed into just one or two buildings in mid-town Manhattan, New York City. This means the jurisdiction in which this author works probably has far more trees than people. If you couple this information with the fact that many use fire to manage their land on a regular basis, it means that Wildland Firefighting is a routine incident, and is probably the same for many of you. Read More »

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Homeland Security - Preparing for Aerosolized Anthrax

Labor Day weekend 2012, the modest-sized city of Charlotte, North Carolina will showcase its southern charm as the international spotlight and hosts of delegates and visitors descend on the city for the 2012 National Democratic Convention where Barack Obama is anticipated to formally receive his party’s nomination for the 2012 presidential election. Most embrace this attention and the forecasted economic benefits, but the Queen City faces the hefty task of securing the convention as a huge bull’s eye is painted on it for foreign and domestic terrorists wanting to spread fear and leave their mark. Read More »

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Dealing with difficult employees in EMS

Lennie has been working as an EMT-Paramedic for your EMS agency for about six months when you begin to notice some strange behavior. It seems as though lately he has been having communications difficulties with just about everyone around him. When you attempt to talk to him about it, he states that he likes being “independent,” “doing things his own way” and “never has problems with his coworkers, only the boss.” Read More »

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Cognitive Bias and Group Think in the Fire Service

Like all humans, firefighters are limited in their ability to consistently orchestrate complex operations. If we truly are interested, as an industry, in significantly reducing firefighter injuries and deaths, it is time to focus attention on decision-making and risk analysis pertaining to fire ground and rescue operations (Hallinan, 2009). Firefighter injuries and deaths on emergency incidents are, with few exceptions, caused by human error. However, the fire service has become quick to search for ways to react to poor decision-making outcomes, rather than inculcate a culture that emphasizes good decision-making. Read More »

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Practice makes perfect - Medical Simulations for EMS

“Practice makes perfect.” It’s something we all learned in childhood. Who can forget sitting on a piano bench and hearing mom say, “If you want to get better, you’ll have to practice your music scales,” or listening to a math teacher explain the value of practicing multiplication tables? Practice made us better little league pitchers, better ballerinas, better students — basically, better people with a solid foundation of fundamental skills.

In the world of emergency services, practice doesn’t necessarily make us perfect, but it certainly does help us to be prepared. And in our line of work, preparation can mean the difference between life and death for people whose fate we hold in our hands. Whether being dispatched to the scene of a car accident or responding to a house fire, we owe it to those we serve to have a solid foundation of critical caregiving skills. Doing so not only increases their chance for survival; it improves the odds for positive long-term patient outcomes. Read More »

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The instructor’s 7 deadly sins - tips for fire, rescue, EMS instructors

Have you ever been sitting in a class staring at your watch and the only thing you can think of is, “when is this going to be over?” or “just give the test so I can go home.” I think we all have. Believe it or not this is not the worst problem that students have. Some things we do as instructors actually put our students and the public we serve in danger after they leave our class. In all disciplines of training there are problems that we as instructors have the ability to change. Are you as an instructor doing the best you can by your students? Read More »

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Fire stations: looking to save the ‘Benjamins’

Due to the economic and political landscape, most fire departments are seeking ways to save money — hopefully without sacrificing service. Whether for new or existing stations, there are often overlooked long-range savings opportunities in the costs of building, operating and maintaining fire stations. Few people realize that the cost of facility maintenance (maintenance, utilities, and replacement furnishings) far exceeds the initial construction costs.

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Leadership in the fire service - To lead tomorrow, learn today

Becoming a leader is like making a sound investment. What actions you take today will impact the results tomorrow. Leadership by definition is the position or function of a leader. What matters the most in the development of a leader is what occurs day-by-day over a long period of time. Leadership develops daily, not in a day. Read More »

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EMS Leadership Conference to be held in Charleston

As a supervisor, haven’t you wondered what the issues are with social networking in the workplace? Have you ever wondered about medications that get diverted and what you can do about it? How do you move from the ambulance to a supervisor position?

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When are we going to train on the good stuff? - The importance of the basics in rescue training

Not long ago, I was at a department doing their rope rescue training when I was asked that question. It seemed as though some of the members were concerned that we had not gotten to that point in their training where they were training for the “complex rescues” that come, thankfully, not very often.

As I pondered their question, numerous thoughts came to mind. I had to sort them out and provide an answer that would not dampen their interest or enthusiasm, yet would let them know that all good training — and the eventual real rescues — come in good time. I asked them to consider some things about training.

I asked, “what do you think complex rescue and rigging is, and where does it come from” ? I asked, “how do you think more complex rescues and the associated rescue rigging are done” ? A good discussion followed.


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Ladder 6 ‘Stop! Crunch!’ - Fire Truck Safety

A rig returning from a run is slowly backing into your station and you hear a firefighter call out to the driver to stop. At the same moment you hear that tell tale sound of steel meeting cinderblock. You guessed it; your rig has just clipped your building. Read More »

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LESSONS LEARNED - Hazmat Response Conference

I was fortunate enough to attend the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) 2011 International Hazardous Materials Response Team Conference in Baltimore, MD the third week of May. Attending the conference provided many educational opportunities, abilities to network with peers, and a chance to see the latest technology available to the hazardous materials responder. This was my fifth year attending the conference and I still continue to be amazed. Read More »

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SOME NEW, SOME OLD TECHNIQUES for Hazardous Materials Responders

Although the discipline of responding to hazardous materials incidents can be viewed as a relatively new venture in the grand scheme of things, due to the fact that in many jurisdictions the formation of technician-level hazmat teams gained headway in the 1980s, we can actually trace our hazmat roots back to U.S. Navy damage control techniques from World War II and even before. As hazmat technicians, we should never forget the “tricks of the trade” learned by ourselves and others to enable us to work smarter, not harder. In this article, we will discuss some of these techniques, some of which are relatively ancient and some of which are of a more recent nature. Read More »

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NCAHMR Meeting and Hazmat Challenge

The North Carolina Association of Hazardous Materials Responders (NCAHMR) Annual Meeting will be held Aug. 11, 2011 at 1:30 p.m.  The meeting will be held at the NC State Firemen’s Association Conference/South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo (SAFRE) in Raleigh (Raleigh Convention Center). Read More »

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New Technologies in Extrication Equipment

As we move into the summer, more folks will be traveling on vacations, putting more vehicles on the road. With the onset of higher and higher gas prices, more people are looking for alternatives for better mileage and types of fuels. We will continue to see a rise in the purchases of hybrids and even total electric cars in the future. Now the question is, will this pose new challenges to us as rescuers? In some ways it will, and in other ways it will not. Can we keep up with all this changing technology, probably not as well as we would like to. Even with computer software and books available, most folks do not have the time to study and remember every vehicle and the particular hazards associated with them. We also do not have the time at the scene of a wreck to figure out the make, model and year of the vehicles involved, and then look them up for specifications. We have a job to do, and most want to get it done as safe and quickly as possible. Read More »

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Personal Safety System for Firefighters, Fire Departments

You are in an untenable position — searching on an upper level floor of a multiple-story building. It’s very hot and it’s time to leave, but the way you entered is now blocked by fire. Now you have only one way out — through the window and down. Will a ground ladder be there? Will it reach you? Can one be placed in time? With the proper bailout equipment and preparation, this scenario is survivable. Without them, it can be disastrous. Read More »

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Water treatment made simple - purifying water in survival situations

As I sit here and write this column, I ponder what happened to Spring . Our days have been in the upper 90s and we are just moving out of June. If this is any indication of how the summer is going to be, “Katie bar the door,” it is going to be a hot one. I have been able to evaluate some good equipment and will be presenting it to you over the course of this year. Some things like the Con-Space hardwire communications system for confined space rescue, the Skedco tripod and SKED stretcher, some LED grill lights, along with some survival and useful wilderness items. I also had a chance to see the new RIT airpack system from Scott. All will be forthcoming. Read More »

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Product Review: FoxFire illuminating firefighting helmet & SCBA

Recently I was contacted by a representative from MN8 Products. She asked if I would be willing to review their illuminating helmet band and their Self Contained Breathing Apparatus band. I was intrigued to find out more so I agreed. Read More »

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Alternative funding for public safety construction -- USDA Rural Development

“Money’s tight!” You hear that everywhere, especially if you’re trying to get a loan. Five years ago, just about all you needed to get financing for your station project was a physical address and a pulse. But since the Great Recession, finding an institution that will even lend to you — much less with favorable terms — has become much more challenging.

So what’s a department to do if you need funds for a capital project and the traditional lending institutions just aren’t “getting their heart right”?  Read More »

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3 Important Steps -- Firefighters & Heart Disease

Firefighters have about three times the risk of the general population of suffering a fatal heart attack. The exact mechanism of action is unclear and may be due to stress, shift work, micro-particulates, poor diet or some combination of these factors. What is clear however is that identifying and dealing with cardiac disease in firefighters should be an integral component of all medical surveillance programs. Read More »

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What’s your fire attack system?

Straight stream or fog? What kind of nozzle do you use? This question has been the center of lively debates around the firehouse for the past 50 years. The real question is this: what have you designed your fire attack system to do, and what is your target flow? The purpose of this article is to introduce you to both the fire attack system concept and target flow. In a future column we will look at the pros and cons of straight stream and fog patterns for interior fire attack and other fireground tasks.

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Returning to the foundations - Firefighting in protected structures

A firefighter’s best friends in protected structures are sprinkler and standpipe systems. These systems offer suppression and containment for firefighters to make stands to protect life and property — in that order. Knowing what these systems are capable of and their use makes life easier on all involved. Read More »

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Your credit score: what it is and how to raise it

During recent years, the terms credit score and credit report have been frequently discussed and the importance of one’s credit score has risen. A credit score is a key factor in loan approvals and the interest rate that one will pay. Understanding what a credit score is and how it is calculated empowers the consumer to increase his/her score resulting in greater ability to take advantage of what are currently, historically low, lending rates.

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The new ‘traditional’ method of fire station construction

Suppose through growth in your fire district, or ISO requirements, you have the need to renovate or add to your existing station, or even construct a new fire station. This can be a daunting task and you find yourself asking “So, what’s next?” One of the first things that must be done is to partner with professionals and, from the very beginning, a design build professional should be on your team. Read More »

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Developing your RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) plan

By now, most firefighters worldwide are familiar with rapid intervention teams (RIT) and I hope that many departments are finding ways to staff them on the fireground. No doubt we have all been playing catch up the last few years in developing answers to firefighter rescue. NFPA has even stepped up with the development of NFPA 1407, a standard that outlines organization and training for these teams, while NFPA 1500, 1710 and 1720 has given us a good foundation in developing a response plan. Whether career or volunteer, we must find a way to have a trained team of firefighters ready to deploy should an emergency arise. Although a rapid intervention team won’t solve all of our potential problems, it’s a step in the right direction. This column isn’t about operational tactics or explaining why we should have rapid intervention teams but more about starting from the ground up in developing a plan to respond a team of trained firefighters, for not only structure fires, but any IDLH environment to rescue our own in the event of mayday emergency. This task will take time and planning but saving the life of our brothers and sisters is worth the effort. Read More »

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North American Automotive Extrication Championship - Fire & Rescue

Crushed cars, extrication tools, cribbing, time on the clock ticking away and anticipation of a winning effort drove 17 automotive extrication teams from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States to come to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for competition against each other and themselves to earn the North American Extrication Championship on Friday, June 10, 2011. The competition coincided with the annual South Carolina Fire and Rescue Conference this year. Read More »

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Shouldn’t you be building intelligence? - Pre-emergency planning for fire & rescue

Almost every community currently has buildings that firefighters and fire officers drive by and ask themselves, “I hope we never have a fire in that place.” If you haven’t thought about it, you might want to look around a little harder — as there are plenty of buildings out there that are potential death traps for firefighters. Even newly constructed buildings can present any number of challenges to those charged with handling emergencies in them. Read More »

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Nash County NC firefighters and EMS star in rescue movie

Shortly after 8 a.m. on May 16, 2011, firefighters from Rocky Mount, Nashville, Coopers Fire Companies, along with Nash County EMS units responded to a Train/Vehicle Collision on the railroad tracks on Old Spring Hope Road. When the units arrived they found a mangled car that had been struck by a freight train with a male occupant trapped inside. Firefighters went to work using the jaws of life while EMS stabilized the victim.

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America’s female firefighters make a difference

America’s Female Firefighters rush into burning buildings to help those who need it, but they continue to bring aid to burn survivors long after the fire is out. The non-profit 501(c)3 Florida based corporation, as part of their continuing effort to help others, will be attending the South Atlantic Expo, Aug. 10-13, 2011 in Raleigh at their sponsor’s booth, Emergency Apparatus, Inc. Fans and supporters will be able to get an autographed copy of the America’s Female Firefighters Calendar.

For the last 12 years America’s Female Firefighters, Inc. (AFF) has been producing the America’s Female Firefighters Calendar. Its mission is simple, to raise and expend funds for the benefit of burn survivors across the United States. Raising awareness and educating about fire safety and treatment of burn injuries. Burn injuries can happen to any of us at any time, and they are not only physically painful, they are emotionally damaging for the survivors and their families.

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World Challenge XX returns to Myrtle Beach - Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge

Myrtle Beach will once again play host to the “Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge World Challenge.” The Challenge will take place Nov. 14-19, 2011 at Broadway at the Beach.
Known as the “toughest two minutes in sports,” the Scott World Firefighter Combat Challenge, was developed to promote and showcase the talents, skills and athleticism of America’s firefighters.

The purpose of the combat challenge is to encourage firefighter fitness and demonstrate the rigorous nature of their work. The event is expected to attract about 1,500 firefighters and more than 4,000 of their family and friends from about 25 municipalities of all sizes throughout the United States, Canada and other countries like New Zealand, Germany, Argentina, Chile and South Africa. Over the years, the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge has been broadcast on ESPN and VERSUS and viewed in millions of homes across the country.

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Camping tips for your family get-a-way

The summer season and camping really do go hand in hand. Not only is the weather sunny and warm, but logistically the opportunity often arises for an extended trip. The kids are off of school, vacation days can be taken from work – all conditions seem to be working in favor of a fun excursion into the outdoors. But, just as any other season presents unique challenges in camping, summer has its own caveat: heat. From uncomfortable to downright exhausting, excessive heat can turn a camping trip into a sweat-soaked bummer very quickly. Below are a few tips for beating the heat when you have limited resources and no AC available.

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Fire News: Receive College Credit for Your Fire Service Certifications or Pro Board Certifications

Do you want to receive college credit for fire service certifications you already have? The University of Memphis recently revised its list of pre-approved courses/certifications that allow students in the program to receive experiential college credits toward their bachelor degree in Fire Administration of Fire Protection Technology.

Why do we award college credit for your accredited fire certifications? Because of the similarities in the review process, the third party evaluation, and the fact that the certifications are based on applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Professional Qualifications Minimum Standards, and they have an evaluation component, accredited courses have been added to the pre-reviewed and approved experiential learning list.

For more information visit or contact [email protected].

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FROM THE EDITOR - Summer 2011

The South Carolina Fire-Rescue Conference was held in Myrtle Beach last month. What a great way to get in touch with our readers. We certainly enjoyed seeing everyone who visited our booth. Thanks for your feedback on what you would like to read in future issues of Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal. Read More »

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UNC Charlotte graduates over 50 students from EMS Management and Fire & Rescue Management Institutes

Charlotte, NC - Fifty-eight front line supervisors, training officers, mid-level managers, head administrators, and aspiring leaders from the fire service and EMS fields joined UNC Charlotte’s growing Southeast alumni network upon graduating from the EMS Management Institute and Fire & Rescue Management Institutes earlier this year. Read More »

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EMS Challenges with Bariatric Patients - Part 1

(This is part one of a two-part series on bariatric patients.  To read Part 2, click <a href="">here</a>.)

The Scope of the Epidemic

The obesity epidemic is hard to miss for those working in health care professions; it is evident every day we work. Not only does obesity place the patient at increased risk of numerous diseases but healthcare providers face many additional challenges in evaluating and caring for the bariatric patient. This two part article will discuss issues related to the bariatric patient and especially those prehospital professional who care for them.

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Summer 2011 New Deliveries

Elizabeth City Coast Guard Base Fire Dept.

Elizabeth City Coast Guard Base Fire Dept.

2011 KME 18’ Walk-In Rescue w/ Int. 4400 4-Door chassis, MaxxForce 330 HP engine, 100” wide 3/16” aluminum body, 35,000 watt gen., FRC telescopic lights, (2) electric cord reels.

Amissville Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company

Amissville Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company

2011 KME  Predator Panther Rescue Pumper, Cummins ISL 427 HP engine, 1250 gpm Waterous CS pump w/ Eclipse foam system, 750 gal. poly tank w/ 40 & 30 gal. foam cells.

Jonathan Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Jonathan Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue

2011 KME Top-Mt. Pumper w/ Int. 7500 2 Dr. 4x4 chassis, MaxxForce10 330 HP engine, 1250 gpm QMAX pump, FRC A&B foam system, 1000 gal. tank w/ 20 & 30 gal. foam cells.

Belvedere Fire District

Belvedere Fire District

2011 KME Top-Mount Rescue Pumper w/ International 4400 4-Dr. chassis, MaxxForce9 330 HP engine, 1500 gpm Waterous CSU pump, 1000 gal. poly tank, vertical interior ladder storage.

Town of Faith Volunteer Fire Department

Town of Faith Volunteer Fire Department

2011 KME Severe Service Predator Panther LFD chassis, Detroit Series 60 515 HP engine, 2000 gpm Hale pump, 500 gal. poly tank, 10,000 watt generator, aluminum tread plate hose bed cover.

Longshop-McCoy Volunteer Fire Department, Station 1

Longshop-McCoy Volunteer Fire Department, Station 1

2011 Slagle Skid Unit on a Ford F-350 chassis, 200 gal. poly tank, Hale HP100 pump & Briggs & Stratton engine, (2) Hannay booster reels, 1-1/2” discharge, garden hose outlet.

Longshop-McCoy Volunteer Fire Department, Station 2

Longshop-McCoy Volunteer Fire Department, Station 2

2011 Slagle Skid Unit on a Ford F-350 chassis, 200 gal. poly tank, Hale HP100 pump & Briggs & Stratton engine, (2) Hannay booster reels, 1-1/2” discharge, garden hose outlet.

Old Hickory Volunteer Fire Department

Old Hickory Volunteer Fire Department

2011 Slagle “Brush Master” Unit on a Ford F550 chassis, custom built body & compts., 250 gal. poly tank w/ 10 gal. foam cell, Hale HP200X pump, Scotty f. system, booster reel.

Lauderdale Volunteer Fire Department, Station 1

Lauderdale Volunteer Fire Department, Station 1

1992 KME Top-Mount Chevrolet Kodiak Pumper-Tanker, Cat. 3116  250 HP engine, automatic trans., 1250 gpm Hale QSG pump, 1000 gallon fiberglass tank w/ 6” jet dump.

Lauderdale Volunteer Fire Department, Station 2

Lauderdale Volunteer Fire Department, Station 2

1994 EEI Top-Mount GMC Top Kick Pumper-Tanker, Cat. 3116  250 HP engine, automatic trans., 1250 gpm Hale QSG pump, 1000 gallon poly tank w/ 6” jet dump.

Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Department

Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Department

2001 American Lafrance Top-Mount Rescue Pumper w/  Freightliner chassis, Cat. 3126 250 HP engine, auto. trans.,  1500 gpm pump, 1000 gal. poly tank w/ 20 gal. foam cell.

Clemmons Fire Department

Clemmons Fire Department

2011 Pierce Arrow-XT Midmount Aerial Platform w/Pierce chassis, DDC S60 engine, 2000 GPM Waterous pump, UPF poly tank, LED warning and scene lights, side roll protection.

Concord Fire & Life Safety

Concord Fire & Life Safety

2011 Pierce Arrox-XT 105’ Aerial Ladder w/Pierce chassis, Cummins ISM engine, 2000 GPM Waterous pump, 300 gal. UPF poly tank, front impact protection, TAK-4 IFS, side roll protection.

Hopkins Rural Fire Department

Hopkins Rural Fire Department

2011 Pierce Custom Contender Pumper w/Pierce chassis, Cummins engine, 1250 GPM Hale QFlo pump, 1,000 gal. UPF poly tank, HandsFree II SCBA brackets, enclosed ladder storage.

Lilesville Fire Department

Lilesville Fire Department

2011 Pierce Custom Contender Pumper w/Pierce chassis, 1250 GPM Waterous pump, 1,000 gal. UPF poly tank, 12” raised roof, hydraulic generator, LED warning lights, booster reel.

Stony Hill Fire Department

Stony Hill Fire Department

2011 Pierce Custom Contender Pumper w/Pierce chassis, Cummins engine, 1250 GPM Waterous CS pump, 1,000 gal. UPF poly tank, rear dump, LED warning lights, speedlays.

Trinity Fire Department

Trinity Fire Department

2011 Pierce Custom Contender Pumper w/Pierce chassis, Cummins engine, 1500 GPM Waterous CSU pump, 1,000 gal. UPF poly tank, 15Kw hydraulic generator, light tower.

Boeing Fire Department

Boeing Fire Department

2011 Anchor-Richey EVS F-550 12’ Rescue Vehicle w/Skid Unit, Ford chassis, 6.4 powerstorke diesel engine, 300 GPM Waterous pump, 300 gal. poly tank, custom pull out trays.

Broadmouth-Turkey Creek VFD

Broadmouth-Turkey Creek VFD

2011 Anchor-Richey EVS F-550 Multi-Purpose Response Vehicle w/Ford chassis, 6.4 powerstroke diesel engine, 300 GPM Darley pump, 300 gal. poly tank, remote pump start from inside cab.

Semora Volunteer Fire Department

Semora Volunteer Fire Department

2011 Anchor-Richey EVS F-550 Flatbed Brush Truck w/Transverse Compartment, 6.7 V-10 gas engine, 300 GPM Hale pump, 300 gal. poly tank, pump fueled from truck’s tank.

Yanceyville Road Volunteer Fire Department

Yanceyville Road Volunteer Fire Department

2011 Anchor-Richey EVS F-350 Flatbed Brush Truck w/Ford chassis, 6.2 V-8 gas engine, 245 GPM Hale pump, 300 gal. poly tank, 4” manifold, 12,000 lb. Warn winch and brush guard.

Crabtree-IronDuff Volunteer Fire Dept.

Crabtree-IronDuff Volunteer Fire Dept.

2011 International/4 Guys Pumper/Tanker w/330 HP MaxxForce 9 diesel engine, 4-wheel drive, Allison 30000 EVS transmission, power heated mirrors, Insta-Chain 6 strand chains.

Cold Spring Volunteer Fire Dept.

Cold Spring Volunteer Fire Dept.

Top Line First Responder, custom T&B body, ROM doors, Hale pump, UPF tank, Hannay reel, Federal Signal warning lights, Dodge chassis, Scotty foam system, D&S hose bed covers.

Elizabeth City Coast Guard Base Fire Dept.

Elizabeth City Coast Guard Base Fire Dept.

2011 KME Predator LFD Rescue Pumper, MaxxForce 13, 475 HP engine, 1500 gpm Waterous CSU pump w/ Foampro 3012 foam system, 750 gal. poly tank w/ 30 gal. foam cell.

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