An Introduction to the North Carolina Tactical Medical Association

The North Carolina Tactical Medical Association would like to introduce and possibly reintroduce itself to the North Carolina fire, rescue and EMS community.


Created as a professional organization with a very unique mission, we hope to involve more within our community and use this gracious opportunity with the journal as a means of communication with those interested in our mission.

What is Tactical Medicine and what is NCTMA?

Tactical medicine is the comprehensive medical support of law enforcement and military tactical teams. Tactical medical providers are specially trained, highly skilled and experienced medical personnel who contribute to the success of local, state, and federal law enforcement SWAT teams and military Special Operations units. Tactical medicine doesn’t just benefit the tactical team members – law enforcement agencies, crime victims, suspects, innocent bystanders, and the public all benefit.

NCTMA is an organization dedicated to the support and advancement of tactical medicine in North Carolina and the surrounding regions. There are numerous tactical medicine programs across the state and region. NCTMA facilitates contact and communication between established and growing tactical medicine programs. It provides cutting edge educational articles and high quality training opportunities provided by well-known experts. It provides a unified voice at the state level for those who practice this unique form of medicine. 

Who are the NCTMA members?

NCTMA members include specially trained and equipped tactical medics who provide support to military and law enforcement tactical teams. Tactical physicians, who authorize and oversee the medical care provided and equipment used, make up a significant portion of the membership. EMS and law enforcement supervisors, tactical commanders, and administrators are also members. Teachers, instructors, and trainers from public, private and college based training programs are well represented too.

What does NCTMA do?

While it was loosely covered in the in the beginning, we are a professional organization, with the mission of furthering tactical medicine in our state and beyond. We are able to accomplish this by multiple vehicles. The first and most important of which is through our people, and knowledge sharing. If nothing else we are a group of professionals motivated at the core to help each other grow and improve. We have an incredible amount of experience within the organization, that both helps to further the mission as well as help those just starting their journey. Moving into 2017 and beyond we hope to offer regional opportunities for training that will be available to many different disciplines to include fire, rescue, EMS and law enforcement.

We also want to be an open resource to those in our professional community. While we attempt to minimize the image of a “secret squirrel” organization, we must also ensure that some information stays within our community of professionals. We will soon have a complete database of information for reference or use. This will include mission planning and threat assessment templates, sample protocols, as well as some curated articles specific to the tactical medicine space.

How can you get involved in NCTMA?

The NCTMA welcomes the idea of growing our membership base. We have made it a priority to offer better benefits, incentives, training to our members in 2017. To get involved please email There are many opportunities for agencies to join as well, we offer individual, physician and team memberships. Low annual dues make it incredibly easy to get involved. Our hope is to grow the existing base of members, to also enhance our ability to effect change and growth on the tactical medicine community. Membership does have its perks to include: discounts on tactical equipment, members only forum space, quarterly newsletters, priority notification and access to training events, as well as the opportunity for involvement in the associations multiple committees and working groups.

We hope you will take the time to explore the website at There you will find contact information for regional representatives, as well membership applications and more.

For open inquires will be able to help with general questions.

Please look for an update on training opportunities as well as special topics from guest authors as we move forward with this section of the journal!

Andrew Rowley began his career as a firefighter/EMT at a volunteer fire department. He joined the Army as a medic and is now teaching combat medicine and sustainment at the unit level. He worked in Charlotte, North Carolina for Mecklenburg EMS Agency, as a paramedic. Rowley’s current position is flight paramedic with Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He is the president of Special Operations Aid and Rescue, LLC.

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