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10/05/2012 -

Many of you had poignant comments on our summer cover “The Brotherhood,” and we enjoyed hearing the different stories. In this issue, Willie Wimmer shares his thoughts on the subject with his article, “Brotherhood — Baptized in Fire.”

All of us enjoyed meeting those of you who visited our booth at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo in August. The Expo gets bigger and better every year. I think everyone would agree that the North Carolina State Firefighters Association makes this event special for attendees and vendors.

This issue’s focus is hazmat. Glenn Clapp asks a good question: Is your department ready for a hazmat incident? His article walks you step-by-step through preparing your team for that incident you hope will never happen. David Greene fights the “round rubber hazmat” in his article on tire fires.


Jason Lowrance was the lucky winner of our pedal fire truck giveaway at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo in Raleigh. He is with the Claremont Fire Department.

We’re excited to introduce a new section: The Homefront, created by assistant editor Gwen Shuford. In this section, girlfriends, children, etc. will share their experiences in the day-to-day life of a firefighter family. With this issue, Dedra Cline gives us her “lessons learned” as the significant other of a firefighter. Join Dedra each issue as she relates her personal experiences as a girlfriend and then wife of a chief firefighter. We welcome your thoughts and ideas of other articles you’d like to see in this section. If you would like to contribute, please contact Gwen at [email protected].

Ron Cheves asks if we are losing volunteer firefighters due to the amount of training demanded. Is this something you’re experiencing in your department?

Franklin Russell and Keith Armfield write on “Rehab and Medical Monitoring.” They give ideas and solutions for setting up your rehab station site and how elaborate it needs to be.

Dennis Amodio finishes his three-part series on fire pre-planning by discussing “Emergency Preparedness for Schools.” Do the schools in your area need a more rigorous plan? What are the benefits and costs? How do you convince them to adopt electronic pre-planning?

We all enjoyed the melancholy music at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo, and Adam Snyder gives us a history lesson on the pipe and drum bands and how they first connected with fire departments.

Take a look at our Family Fun section, pages 64-65, for discounts on travel and camping.

Our mission is to give you training and ideas through our articles and special sections, and to give you the products and services you need through qualified and carefully selected advertisers. All feedback is welcome. Let us hear from you.

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