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Semora Volunteer Fire Department
2011 Anchor-Richey EVS F-550 Flatbed Brush Truck w/Transverse Compartment, 6.7 V-10 gas engine, 300 GPM Hale pump, 300 gal. poly tank, pump fueled from truck’s tank.

new delivery published 07/05/2011
Provided by

Anchor-Richey EVS

phone: 800-754-7186
Anchor-Richey EVS New Delivery
Provided to

Chief , Semora Volunteer Fire Department

City: Semora
County: Caswell
State: NC

Type: Flatbed Brush Truck w/transverse compartment
Make: Anchor-Richey EVS
Model: F-550
Year: 2011
Chassis: Ford
Engine: 6.8 V-10 Gasoline
Pump: Hale
GPM: 300
Tank: Poly
Capacity: 300
Paint By:
Special: Transverse compartment. Pull out tray. Pump fueled from truck's tank. Dual extendable scene lights.

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Apparatus Provided By Anchor-Richey EVS as published in the Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal