Traumatic brain injury: thinking inside the box

I have been told that to be successful in any emergency field you must “think outside the box.”In this article, we are going to explore rapid assessment and prehospital treatment of severe Traumatic ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Fire,patient, injury, brain, head, pressure, airway, brain injury, head injury, traumatic brain, blood pressure, spinal cord

10 commandments for public safety educators

In 1975, James Kidd wrote a book entitled How Adults Learn . In his book he outlines 10 “commandments”for adult educators. In this issue, I would like to unpack the first five of these words of wi... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Education and Training,students, safety, educators, public safety, safety educators, compassionate behaviors, our students, skills abilities, knowledge skills

Are we heading in the right direction?

If I were to ask you what the main differences are once you are promoted to a position of leadership in your department, what would you say? Some would glibly answer about the color of their helmet, ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Fire,volunteer, fire rescue, rescue ems, fire ems, heading right, carolina fire, right direction, ems journal, ems officers, lenny yox

New for EMS —

The National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System has recently added a link to the website specifically for EMS. Those making reports will be connected directly to the website by typing “EMSnearmi... Read More...

Relevant Tags: EMS,reports, website, fire, near miss, carbon monoxide, learn from, reports can, rescue ems, fire rescue, can use, can learn, around country

Quality Assurance: bettering our profession

Quality assurance (QA) Just the sound of those words can strike fear and nervousness to the strongest and most confident EMS professionals. Not only does it invoke those feelings but in some cases... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Fire,ems, assurance, fire, quality assurance, ems professionals, fire rescue, rescue ems, pitt county

Do you ‘just’ drive a fire truck? Training to be a ‘professional’ apparatus driver operator

In the fire service there are people who just drive fire apparatus, and there are drivers who skillfully drive and operate fire apparatus safely. I have been very fortunate over the years as a guest ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: KEEPING YOU SAFE,apparatus, fire, incident, driver, accident, drive, fire apparatus, fire truck, run off, just drive, apparatus driver/operator

Serving our community

Regardless of our background in the emergency services, we are charged with the responsibility of serving our community. Most of us realized this when we began our careers, although it may not have b... Read More...

Relevant Tags: KEEPING YOU SAFE,community, serving, emergency, our community, emergency services, fire rescue, serve others

Searching the crowd for the competent When good is just not good enough

Is it just me or is excellent customer service getting harder and harder to find? It appears that our national culture is suffering from a lack of commitment in completely and thoroughly assisting a ... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Fire,service, customer, fire, team, customer service, company officer, life death, excellent customer, crowd competent

Windshield removal and rope rescue tools of the trade

I would like to touch on a couple of good products that we used in Guatemala with our training there. One tool has been around for quite a while actually, and is one that does an excellent job at wha... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Equipment,rescue, ropes, tool, rope, our training, tool has, rear windows, half inch, windshield removal

Advanced steel and new vehicle rescue evolutions

Rescuers across this country are becoming increasingly aware that automakers are integrating new, tougher and stronger steel into their newest model vehicles so they can meet new government crash sta... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Equipment,steel, pillar, advanced, roof, cut, vehicle, rescue, advanced steel, roof rail, cut through, advanced steels, power cutter, fire rescue, vehicle rescue

Planning for mass violence incidents

Mass Violence Overview A rapid, safe and successful response to a mass violence incident requires preparation. No jurisdiction is immune from these types of incidents. The tragic attacks such as Fo... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Fire,violence, fire, incident, mass, response, emergency, incidents, ems, responding, mass violencevviolence incident, other responding, large scale, emergency management

The golden rule

Our essential mission and number one priority is to deliver the best possible service to our customers —or is it? Do we only show up when someone calls 911? If this is the case, I maintain you are... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Fire,fire, service, customer, rescue, department, fire rescue, golden rule, fire department, possible service

Rehab, it’s no longer just for ‘quitters’

We will spend this article examining an issue that no one likes to talk about on the fire ground. Rehabilitation or “rehab” used to be a place where exhausted firefighters who could not continue to f... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Health and Wellness,rehab, fire, firefighters, vital signs, cooler months, fire ground

Using your equipment and your imagination

In previous articles, I have gone into great detail about standards for rescue, equipment uses, procedures, standard operating guidelines (SOG’s), safety guidelines (especially around water-based and... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Equipment,fire rescue, operating guidelines, using equipment, ems journal, equipment imagination, skills abilities

Decision-making in CWA response

In responses to releases of Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) there may not be one technology or one “answer” that is correct. The responder must take into account all of the clues present to conclude the... Read More...

Relevant Tags: Rescue,cwa, chemical, nerve, ims, response, response time, proven technology, vapor detection, flame spectrophotometry, color change, cwa response

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