Social Media Outreach Becomes Christmas Miracle

Social Media has a negative connotation for some. I’m sure you’ve seen and heard nightmare stories about how it has ruined reputations, careers, business, etc. I agree; it can absolutely have a negat... Read More...

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Mutual Aid for Your Public Information Officer

Mutual Aid can be defined, simply, as reciprocal aid and cooperation among organizations and agencies. In the world of Public Safety, mutual aid agreements are absolutely vital. The same can be said ... Read More...

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National study finds that... emergency managers identify the public’s varied communication preferences as the greatest challenge they face

As mobile technologies and social media channels continue to penetrate Americans’ communications behaviors, emergency managers are working diligently to ensure emergency communications keep pace. Thi... Read More...


Better information exchange with new technology

Every now and then, the world of technology is rocked by what is known as “disruptive change.” It’s the development of some new device or system that is so radically different than what came before i... Read More...

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Electronic Pre-Plans and Emergency Preparedness for schools

(This is part three of a three-part series on pre-planning.) More often than not, schools have standard procedures for responding to an incident or emergency that aren’t as effective or efficien... Read More...

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Returning to the Foundations: fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems have become commonplace responses in today’s fire service. Between carbon monoxide alarms, general fire alarm activations, smoke detectors, other detection devices and pull station... Read More...

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The new plan: Using wirelessly connected monitoring equipment to protect First Response Hazmat teams

From the time it capsized at a refinery dock in Texas City, the listing barge — loaded with 235,000 gallons of sulfuric acid — began seeping its toxic, corrosive load into the 30-foot-deep waterway. ... Read More...

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Communications: The information-driven incidents

Having noticed that this issue will contain communication equipment, your author decided that it would be good to examine which types of incidents are dependent upon information and the means by which... Read More...

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The Trendelenburg myth

Sometimes the science and the street have trouble communicating. The Trendelenburg position was originally used to improve surgical exposure of the pelvic organs, credited to the German surgeon Fried... Read More...

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Responding to school bus emergencies

Everyday during my ride to work I take note of all of the school buses on the roads today. After all, it is my job to know as much about them as I can. I am a firefighter and in my full time career I... Read More...

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The use of radios in the IDLH environment

In 2009, Executive Fire Officer Paul Melfi published the following statement, “Giving a firefighter a portable radio is an investment in saving lives. But you must also provide proper training, polic... Read More...

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Interoperability key to firefighters’ future success

As firefighters battled flames inside the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001 they were faced with an even larger obstacle. Fire rescue personnel, lacking communications equipment compatible with that used... Read More...

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Improve your incident command system

(The following is part two of a two part series on your command plan.) Incident management The term “Incident Command System” has been used since the mid 1980s. In the 90s we termed it “In... Read More...

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