NIOSH Pocket Guide A Tool For Both Ops and Technican

Everyone would agree that the world of hazmat has changed dramatically since the 1980s when HAZWOPER was published. The OSHA regulation established five training levels — Awareness, Operations, Techn... Read More...

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Beware of the Keyboard Incident Commander

In our last article we discussed how my agency’s use of Social Media made an amazing impact for our community during the holidays. Over the last year or so we’ve also touched slightly on negative asp... Read More...

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Managing Your Information During Contentious Political Environments

As you read this article, we find ourselves right smack in the middle of a contentious political environment; it only takes a few minutes of watching the news each evening to realize this. It is impo... Read More...


Using Drones in the Rescue Service

All things in rescue evolve and change. Materials used in construction of rescue tools improve, technologies change, as do the applications of technologies to effect rescues. It is inevitable and it ... Read More...

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From the Eye of the DRONE

You pull up on scene, smoke is billowing and firefighters are everywhere. You are a chief, you have no clue where your people are. You are supposed to establish IC (Incident Command), but you feel th... Read More...

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Using Social Media to Engage and Inform A PIO’s Perspective

This year I was given the opportunity to speak at the 2015 South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo in Raleigh (SAFRE) about my use of social media as a Fire Service Public Information Officer (PIO). We use s... Read More...

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Firefighter training in the electronic age

For seasoned fire instructors, new hires coming into the force can be a challenge when it comes to instructional media. These young new hires are entering the workforce with a mindset geared towards ... Read More...

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Setting up and managing helicopter landing sites

Most local EMS services, fire departments and rescue squads have had the use of air medical helicopter transport services at their disposal for well over 20 years across most of the country. Patient ... Read More...

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What we should know, about what we don’t know

In the day of ever changing technology and information over load it is extremely important that first responders understand what is going on. There is no excuse for us to not know what has occurred i... Read More...

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Electronic Pre-Plans and Emergency Preparedness for schools

(This is part three of a three-part series on pre-planning.) More often than not, schools have standard procedures for responding to an incident or emergency that aren’t as effective or efficien... Read More...

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Returning to the Foundations: fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems have become commonplace responses in today’s fire service. Between carbon monoxide alarms, general fire alarm activations, smoke detectors, other detection devices and pull station... Read More...

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Electronic Pre-Planning for first responders Taking Situational Awareness Data from Page to Screen

I’ve been in the fire service for over 35 years. I can say with confidence that pre-planning is essential, but not because of my years of fire service experience. What 35 years of experience yields i... Read More...

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Technology 101: Dealing with alternate fuel vehicles during extrications

Spring has come and gone and we are now in the dead of summer. If the winter was any indication of how the summer is going to be, we could be in big trouble. Hopefully, the temperatures will not be a... Read More...

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Working with air bags during extrication EXTRICATION TECHNOLOGY 101

As I write this column, I have come to realize that not only with age comes wisdom and experience, but sometimes the sadness of losing friends that we have known and trained with for some time. Over t... Read More...

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From truck headlights to the latest in LED From truck headlights to the latest in LED

Have you noticed how the scene lighting and equipment that we use today has changed the fire service, and for that matter all of public safety? We have come a long way from using the head lights on t... Read More...

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