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Camden FireFest Kicks off Fire Prevention Week

Each year, the Camden FireFest brings a sense of community and pride to our city that is unique to others. Read More...

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Rules for Life

In October of each year, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) ( host on the campus of the National Fire Academy and the home of the U.S. Fire Administration, the annual Fal... Read More...

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National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Weekend

The fall season can be an absolute whirlwind for me as we wrap up Hurricane season here in the Carolinas. This year was no different, my busiest yet. I was activated early by North Carolina Emergency... Read More...

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Fire and Emergency Management

Many years ago, those in public service questioned the feasibility of the fire service and emergency medical services existing within the same agency. Most metropolitan fire departments and quite a f... Read More...

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Be Prepared: Forge Relationships Now

Both North and South Carolina have just gone through an unprecedented weather event that rivals both Floyd and Matthew. Both states responded well and witnessed many acts of heroism and dedication fr... Read More...


Recovery in the Wake of Hurricane Florence Stress Management for First Responders

September saw Hurricane Florence test the banks of the eastern shore, but she also served as a powerful demonstration of our first responders’ dedication and resiliency.  Read More...

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Funding the Federal Government is Never an Easy Task

Each year, Congress must approve funding measures so that the federal agencies can perform their functions. The process, established by our forefathers many years ago, authorizes both the House and S... Read More...


Establishing Water Supply in Remote Locations

A few years ago, my volunteer fire department was looking at lowering the fire insurance rating, which was at the time a 9E rating. One of the problems we had, like many other departments in getting ... Read More...

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Ask, Care, Take Are You Thinking About Killing Yourself?

Well, now that I have your attention, let us examine a topic that is extremely important to our service, firefighter suicide.  It is terribly unfortunate that our service continues to lose more firef... Read More...

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First Responders Are Perfect Fit to Foster Children

The foster care system touches the lives of more than 7,000 children in South Carolina annually. Right now, there are more than 4,600 children from our communities in foster care. Recent Federal mand... Read More...

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Congress Takes Action to Address Cancer in the Fire Service

In my presentations, I often take humorous jabs at Congress for its legislative achievements – or lack thereof – and the 115th Congress is no exception. To date, over 15,500 measures have been introd... Read More...


Her Glasses

Do this. Take a nice long look at this photograph from the funeral for NYFD Lieutenant Michael Davidson that was held recently. Look past the widow’s glasses that are obviously in place to protect he... Read More...

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LOCKDOWN: This is Not A Drill

Almost daily news headlines appear with threats occurring all across the nation concerning active shooter situations. Active shooter incidents begin rapidly and end nearly as quickly. The Department ... Read More...


A Hidden Danger in Turbojet Nozzles

I recently uncovered what I see to be a danger for firefighters in structural interior firefighting. When it comes to interior firefighting, gallons per minute (GPM) is of the upmost importance in ex... Read More...

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