Grants: Where to Find Them

In past issues we have discussed aspects to grant writing. In each of these articles I have mentioned how knowing the process is important. This has included forming a grants committee and other esse... Read More...

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The economics of shared facilities

Have you recently been the victim of “Station Sticker-Shock?” That is, are the eyebrow-raising projected construction costs for your upcoming building project more than your department’s budget can a... Read More...

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Fire and Rescue Equipment: Make smart purchases to fit your budgets

As we move into the second half of the year, we can only look back at things that have happened and look forward to things that will. As our budgets get tighter, we have to look closer at our needs a... Read More...

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Thinking about starting a business?

Thinking about starting a new business? Maybe you have developed an expertise that you think is marketable or you have an idea for a new business venture. Or maybe you have a profitable hobby that yo... Read More...

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Construction prices and fire or public safety facilities

What happened to the good old days when you could count on consistent construction cost inflation of three to five percent per year? If you were developing a Capital Improvement Plan for a new statio... Read More...

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Economics should not dictate safety of your equipment

Well we may want to start calling this section my bitch session or soap box because this is where I vent about all the stupid CRAP that I run across on a weekly basis. I touched on this in my last ar... Read More...

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What are ‘they’ doing to ‘my’ retirement - what do retirement system changes mean for firefighters?

The lives of many diligent and hardworking folks in the Columbia area over the past several months have been dedicated to the legislative process surrounding the revisions to the S.C. State Retiremen... Read More...

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When should you refurbish or replace your fire apparatus?

During these economic times budgets are getting tighter and tighter. City leaders or commissioners may ask you to look at repairs and or refurbishment of your older apparatus rather than replace them... Read More...

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Building or renovating your fire station - what does it cost?

Most fire departments ask two questions when circumstances require that they either build a new station or renovate and/or build an addition to their existing facility. Those questions are, “What does... Read More...

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When it pays to refinance debt

The decision to take out a new loan is usually a pretty simple process driven by the need for a new truck, equipment, a station renovation or development, or a real estate purchase. The loan process ... Read More...

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FIGHTING WILDFIRE ON TODAY’S BUDGET Fire at the Wildland Urban Interface

(This is part one of a two-part series.) What are the differences in fire behavior and control between structural and wildland fires? What are a few possible misconceptions some of you may have?... Read More...

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Fire Stations: Getting the most bang for the buck

Choosing the lowest cost in a competitive market sometimes equates to harvesting the first whitetail that comes along. If you only had the opportunity to harvest one buck in a lifetime, would you be s... Read More...

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Using today’s economy to your fire department’s advantage

As a society, we are faced with one of the most challenging economic times in our lives. Like a vast majority of individuals navigating this difficult environment, you may find it tough to make decisi... Read More...

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Alternative funding for public safety construction -- USDA Rural Development

“Money’s tight!” You hear that everywhere, especially if you’re trying to get a loan. Five years ago, just about all you needed to get financing for your station project was a physical address and a p... Read More...

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Your credit score: what it is and how to raise it

During recent years, the terms credit score and credit report have been frequently discussed and the importance of one’s credit score has risen. A credit score is a key factor in loan approvals and t... Read More...

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