Trust: We Must Maintain It!

How many times have you witnessed this yourself?  I have gone to conferences, trainings, and just around town and have seen firefighters in their departmental shirts drinking adult beverages in extre... Read More...

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Ketamine Pilot Project

 Recently the North Carolina Medical Board approved a ketamine pilot project in North Carolina.  Under this pilot, ketamine has been approved for both sedation and pain.  The project is very similar ... Read More...


Time Keeps on Ticking The Difference a Minute Can Make

Time — this value is most important in life. Everyone has to respect and understand the time value because time can give the reaction of good as well as bad. Some individuals understand the meaning a... Read More...

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ESS and Solar Emergency Response

Does your department have a handle on ESS and solar emergency response procedures, pre-planning, safety gaps, ventilation and more? Nine-fold. That’s how great the increase was in residential ba... Read More...

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Time to Pass the Torch

When you read this, North Carolina will be trying to begin its recovery from Hurricane Florence. This storm caused horrendous flooding in the eastern part of the state. I would like to give kudos to ... Read More...


N.C. National Guard RRT Joint Training Day

The North Carolina National Guard’s 42nd Civil Support Team - Weapons of Mass Destruction, hosted an RRT joint training day earlier this year and has another planned for the western side of the state... Read More...

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Professional Development: Company Officers are Leaders and Instructors

As we continue into the future, changes are sure to occur. The fire service will certainly see many of these changes. The place that we need to make changes initially is within ourselves as officers.... Read More...

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The PreHospital Trauma System From 20,000 Feet

While the title takes a metaphorical stance on the viewpoint below, it is safe to say that prehospital providers should have an understanding of how everything works. The adage that “trauma is easy” ... Read More...


The Importance of Education in EMS

As the Spring issue of Fire Rescue Journal goes to press we have just wrapped up a very successful 2018 SC EMS Symposium. The weather was quite the hodge podge; from 35 and flurries at the beginning ... Read More...


Moving Cancer Education Forward

By this point, most of us have seen the numbers illustrating the occupational cancer problem in the fire service. Multiple studies have been conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safet... Read More...

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Learning From Wolves A Constant Visualization of Success

The attitude of a successful organization can be summed up simply: it is a constant visualization of success. This visualization of success has to be shared by all members of the department. The frag... Read More...

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Engaging Future Leaders

One aspect of my job that I enjoy most is traveling to fire service events and having the opportunity to address audiences who are interested in learning about the work being performed by the Congres... Read More...

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The Building Blocks of a Winning Team

As America’s fire service witnesses the retirements of the baby boomers, it is critical that leadership continues to build solid winning teams. It is important that we drill into the heart of what it... Read More...

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Fire Prevention Getting Closer to the Goal

Fire Prevention Week has been around so long nearly every living American likely has heard one of its fire safety messages. For the past 92 years, during the first week of October, the President of t... Read More...

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Heavy Vehicle Bus Stabilization

First and foremost, I would like to wish everyone and your families a very Merry Christmas from myself and the entire Reds Team. I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s and looking forward to... Read More...


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